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Looking for a cappuccino and brioche the minute you step foot in Milan? Here’s where you can eat the best breakfast in Milan: Biancolatte.

You’re in Italy, so of course you know that an American breakfast is out of the question if you want to experience Milan like a local. Coffee and pastries are your go to in the morning. There are plenty of “bars,” what us Italians call coffee shops, around Milan and the majority offer a very good breakfast, it’s hard to go wrong. However, there are a few places that stand out among the crowd time and time again. If you’re wondering where to eat the best breakfast in Milan, look no further than the highly sought after café Biancolatte — “White Milk.”

The breakfast here is out of this world and you’ll often find a 20-minute cue to get in. Their most sought after breakfast food? The breakfast of champions which includes homemade bread, butter and homemade jam, accompanied by yogurt with mixed fruit, and coffee. If you’re looking for the typical grab-and-go Italian breakfast, grab a cappuccino or espresso alongside one of their many croissants (that’s my go-to!). I have never seen a selection this vast of croissants in my life, honey, cream, blueberry, mixed berry, whole grain, nutella, strawberry, hazelnut, lemon – the list goes on!

I grabbed their signature blueberry marmalade whole grain croissant with an almond milk cappuccino and had it the Italian way, standing at the counter. The croissant was soft and warm as I ripped it open to reveal a generous amount of homemade blueberry jam. One of our biggest pet peeves in Italy is when the croissants are lacking in filling; Biancolatte’s were definitely not lacking as the blueberry jam spilled out of the sides of my warm croissant, it gave the croissant so much flavor! There’s a reason it’s known as the best breakfast in Milan, I highly recommend it as your go-to croissant when in Italy.

Keep in mind the sit down fee:
Many people don’t know this, but if you grab a coffee and brioche at the bar it will cost you less than if you sit down at a table. If you sit down at a table, you will be charged a sit down fee. Keep this in mind when you’re looking to only stay for a short amount of time!

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