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Hold off on canceling your trip. The North Fork is full of activities–rain or shine. You just need to know where to go and what to do. Here’s my ultimate guide on what to do on a rainy day on the North Fork.

I’ll admit I was the first to reach out to my friend Nicole when I saw 3 straight days of torrential down pour over Memorial Day Weekend. What would be the point of going to the North Fork (also known as NoFo) of Long Island? The North Fork is all about the outdoors and nature! I texted her asking if we should cancel and save the money. She persuaded me not to. I, of course, being the traveler that I am, took that as a challenge. I set out to put together a 3-day fun and jampacked itinerary for a rainy day on the North Fork. Admittedly, I’m glad we didn’t cancel. We managed to fill everyday with tons of activities and exhausted every indoor rainy day opportunity possible. Here’s your ultimate guide on what to do on a rainy day on the North Fork–so hold off on cancelling your trip. 

Day 1

Breakfast at Jamesport’s Main Road Biscuit Co.

If there is one place you’ll here mentioned over and over again, no matter where you are on the North Fork, it’s Jamesport’s Main Road Biscuit Co. It is such a staple, we even found some photographs and artwork dedicated to the place in an art gallery! So on our drive out from Connecticut to New York, a stop at Jamesport’s Main Road Biscuit Co. for breakfast was a must. We pulled in around 10AM and snagged the last table right as the place was completely booked up. The go-to order here is there famous buttermilk biscuits with eggs, bacon, and any other sides or toppings your heart desires. Everything here is made from scratch. 

Stroll down Love Lane in Mattituck

Just a 6 minute drive from Jamesport’s Main Road Biscuit Co. is the town of Mattituck. On a sunny day, you may stroll the stores before heading over to the beach. But on a rainy day, you’ll find yourself seeking shelter in the quaint mom and pop stores lining Love Lane. Before you run for shelter inside the stores, find the Barkers Pharmacy mural right before the Needleart store. 

Our next stop was Bauer’s store filled with trinkets and jewelry, followed by the well-known Village Cheese Shop. The idea was to stop here, grab some cheeses, charcuterie, and bread in a picnic basket and bring it to a beach nearby for lunch. But on a rainy day, we changed our plans from cheese to interesting local and unique products. Nicole and I spent a good 10 minutes browsing every single product. Some unique finds included:

  • Ibizan salt: This may sound so silly, but I had it when in St. Barth last November and have been obsessed ever since
  • Raw Honeycomb: An actual piece of local raw, unfiltered honeycomb from Sag Harbor Honey. Nicole was the one who actually introduced me to this. She said her family eats raw honeycombs all the time. I didn’t even know that was a thing! 
  • Banana Jam: I had never heard of Banana Jam before, but it was something that peaked my interest. I ended up only purchasing the Ibizan salt and raw honeycomb, but my next purchase will definitely be banana jam the next time I come across it. 

Our excursion in Mattituck ended with a stop at Mint Clothing Boutique, a cute store filled with boho-chic yet Hamptons-like summer outfits. 

Go Store Hopping Down Main Road in Southold

Our rainy day activities and store hopping continued. Except we moved from Mattituck to the neighboring town of Southold. During my research, I came across Main Street in Southold. Not much was said about the town, but I read that there were plenty of cute shops to visit. What I found was a street filled with unique, mom and pop shops selling everything you can and can’t imagine. It was a wonderful and whimsical way to spend the afternoon that truly brought to life the soul and community of Southold. A few of the mom and pop stores we visited sold interesting items like odes to pollock, items made by special needs adults, homemade pesto, mustard, and jam, minimalistic home furnishings, and paint by number coloring books inspired by the North Fork. It’s no wonder we spent a few hours wandering around Southold.

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Southold, Long Island: An Overlooked Town On The North Fork

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