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No advertising. No photos. Limited number of people. An inconspicuous entrance. It’s almost like Tulum Treehouse Restaurant doesn’t want you to know about their private, speakeasy-like dinner experience. Luckily, I tell all (without pictures because they cover your camera phone to keep it private).

All of the pictures are property of Tulum Treehouse, since our phone cameras were covered so we couldn’t take pictures.

You definitely will not come across Tulum Treehouse Restaurant as a recommendation from any other blogger or travel writer. Why? Because it’s too low-key and under the radar for people to know about. They don’t advertise, they don’t get into detail about the experience on their website, they don’t allow pictures once you’re actually in the place and they limit the number of people invited. It’s almost like they don’t want people knowing about it! They want to keep it a secret. It’s the place only people who are in the know really know about. Unlike Azulik, which is beautiful, but is packed with tourists and Instagrammers and known among all…Tulum Treehouse restaurant is the real, old school Tulum experience. Even their website doesn’t say anything about what actually happens at Tulum Treehouse dinners…So here I am sharing my story.

Tulum Treehouse is a boutique hotel on the jungle side of Tulum Beach Road. Many don’t know that their kitchen is open to non-guests for dinner by reservation only. It’s only open to a limited group of people every night. It’s essentially like a private party and dinner. Seating is outdoors in their private courtyard on family style tables. You show up to Tulum Treehouse restaurant and aren’t sure where the entrance is. Quite frankly, it looks like a boutique store from the outside, which it is. When we ask the girls behind the white marble counter where we could find Tulum Treehouse restaurant, they said “right here!” They asked us for our phones and covered the cameras with stickers. No photos, videos, or social media allowed,” they said. Ok, now we’re starting to get it…we signed up for a speakeasy, social media blackout party. We’re starting to like this already!

We walked in and found a seat at our table. The dinner always features live music. They had flown in a guy from Europe who was famous for creating music on the spot. So you’ll never hear the same music from him–ever. Every single night he created and invented different music using instruments he had on hand, recording them and playing them on repeat. I unfortunately don’t remember the guys name, but he was one of the coolest live music experiences I have ever seen in my life. Bravo Tulum Treehouse for finding such raw and unique talent that made our dinner experience even more unforgettable.

You can start the tasting menu at any point you want. You don’t get to choose your food, they tell you what the meal is and you go from there. Pat and I love those types of meals. When the chef is so confident they know what you should eat without you telling them. They bring over flavors that are very unique, each with a specific taste that arouses a different sense. The dishes are cooked over an open fired fueled exclusively by wood. The chef uses antique techniques when applicable to bring back the Mayan flavors to the table. We overhear the conversations next to us and get lost in our meal…


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All of a sudden, we turn around to find that our private dinner experience had opened up to a few outsiders. My how 2-3 hours goes by fast. The live music entertainer started to pick up his beats. The crowd had gathered and was standing behind us, drinking cocktails, dancing and vibing. I think vibing is the most accurate term to describe what was happening at our dinner table and behind us in the crowd. Let’s just say that this experience was one-of-a-kind and the people were one-of-a-kind. Think…free love, everyone should love each other, free the nipple and half the people seemed like they weren’t even a part of this world, they were on some sort of psychedelic like shrooms. It was a very chill vibe and a breath of fresh air from the pandemic. But let’s just say that, coming from the Northeast were we’re all uptight, there were parts when I questioned whether we had signed up for some sort of weird orgy haha! The dancing and vibing went on till the late hours of the night.

But don’t let the vibing deter you, it was one of the most unique dinner experiences I’ve ever had in my life and one that I will never forget. My other can’t miss restaurant in Tulum is Posada Margherita–which is much more mellow, but if you’re really looking for a unique restaurant in Tulum not known by many…Tulum Treehouse restaurant is the place to be. Please don’t miss out on this experience. You’ll thank me later.

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 6pm – 10 pm
Price: $106 for tasting menu (not including drinks)
Must-Try: They’re tasting menu / communal dinners with live music experience.

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