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From personal experience planning my own destination wedding in Italy, I’ve created a step-by-step guide that will take you through the timeless magic of an Italian fairy tale wedding. With it’s stunning vistas, undeniable charm, and unforgettable food, Italy is the perfect setting for a breathtaking wedding. I always dreamed of having my wedding in Italy – and at an affordable cost. I’m Italian after all. I dreamed of having it on Lago Maggiore in an old historic building. I wanted to bring to life my childhood fantasy of marrying a prince in the most idyllic setting brimming with elegance and good taste. So? How does my story go? How did I plan a destination wedding in Italy? I got married in one of the many places the Prince of Monaco and Countess Beatrice Borromeo celebrated their marriage – at the iconic and historic Grand Hotel Majestic on Lake Maggiore, next to Lago di Como and Garda.

The lake boasts its own culture, traditions, and landscapes: the delicacy of the lake contrasting with the majesty of the mountains on the horizon, or the enchantment of the villages with stone alleys lulled by the sound of music that carries across the lake. This guide on how to plan a destination wedding in Italy is accompanied by sumptuous photos from my own experience to help you imagine how your perfect Italian-inspired wedding could be. Everything is covered, from practical tips for the location to planning and event details from the food, décor, flowers, wedding favors, and of course, the all-important wedding dress. Ever thought about how to bring a wedding dress across seas? Yea, well you’re thinking about it now! That and more is answered in this guide.

Let’s get started.

1. Location Matters More Than You Think – It Impacts Budget: Choosing Where In Italy You Want to Get Married

How Much Does A Wedding In Italy Cost? Budget And Where to Do It.

Two things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing your destination wedding in Italy is cost and location. Where you choose to have your wedding will determine the cost – popular destinations means expensive venues, expensive fees, bookings made way in advance, and a lot more headaches that come with it. So what are some good alternatives? When you picture your wedding in Italy, what do you see? Do you see mountains, beautiful vineyards, palm trees on a lake, and lots of Aperol Spritz enough to go around for you and your guests? Then Lago Maggiore is the ideal location for you.

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2. Decide on the Ceremony: Religious, Civil, or Symbolic Ceremony

How to Get Married in Italy: Religious, Civil, or Symbolic Ceremony

The article is a guide on how to choose the right wedding ceremony for couples who want to get married in Italy as Americans. As an Italian-American, I explain the different types of ceremonies available, specifically religious, civil, and symbolic ceremonies. There are many requirements and processes involved in each type of ceremony, including gathering necessary documents, obtaining permissions and licenses, and hiring wedding planners or local lawyers. You can go with the most tedious, yet rewarding, religious and civil both in Italy, or the easiest, a civil ceremony in your hometown and symbolic in Italy. Whichever way you choose to go, this article helps you navigate the complex process of getting married in Italy and choose the best ceremony that suits your preferences and values.

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3. Finding Your Venue – Why You Should Choose A Hotel Over A Villa: Property Tour, Food Tastings, Costs & What to Watch Out For

Small Wedding Venue on Lake Maggiore

When determining the venue for the destination wedding in Italy, one of the first things Pat and I did was fly to Italy and meet with the small wedding venue and hotel, do a food tasting, wine selection, and property tour to start planning a destination wedding in Italy. Small weddings in Italy means 80 people or under. Most small wedding venues in Italy are private villas or intimate hotels that can host a group of people, like Grand Hotel Majestic. By choosing an intimate and small wedding venue in Italy, you can ensure guests stay at the same venue with you. And if budget is a problem, well, not here. Continue reading to uncover the cost of a small wedding venue in Italy.

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4. Hire A Wedding Planner: It’s A Necessity, Not A Luxury

Why You Need to Hire a Wedding Planner in Italy

Don’t even think about it. I’ve been there and thought it. I’ve worked events, I’ve planned events, heck – I’ve worked WEDDING events. I am a travel blogger and plan my own trips as well as my client’s trips all the time. Why would I need a wedding planner for my destination wedding in my family hometown of Lago Maggiore, Italy? I can do this myself right? Absolutely not. And here are 4 reasons why you need a wedding planner in Italy, on the ground, not in your home country, and why I’m glad I used one.

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