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This is an actual, HONEST, real review of Sedona restaurants, breakfast spots, cafes, and casual dining spots. In the 4 days Patrick and I were in Sedona, we hadn’t found a place that we were crazy about in terms of food. Nothing had blown our socks off or had us thinking, “we have to go back to this Sedona restaurant.” We were sick of paying $100 for mediocre meals…despite going to all the “must-go” places that food and travel blogs and media websites raved about. We tried them all. All the “must visit” Sedona restaurants and places to eat and a few places we cherry picked from our own research. The truth is none of the “must-visits” from other websites made our list. They weren’t bad – don’t get me wrong. But for the price and flavor? They just weren’t there…we did however find 3 places that fit the bill – and guess what? Those places were not on anyone else’s list. Of course.

Below I review all the “must-visit food spots” and I call out the 4 places we found that we actually think our worth stopping at. And guess what? None of the places we chose broke the bank. That’s usually how good food works. Small, nothing fancy, affordable, but just focused on the food quality. But if you’re just driving by for a day trip and I had to choose 2 – I would say don’t miss Momo’s Kitchen and Tamaliza.

Contents: An Honest Review of 13 Sedona Restaurants and Places to Eat

  1. Cafes, Breakfast, Brunch
    • Do stop at Coffee Pot and Layla’s
  2. Casual Dining
    • Do stop at Momo’s Kitchen Food Truck and Tamaliza
  3. Restaurants

Cafes, Breakfast, and Brunch

1. Indian Gardens

Location: Oak Creek Stream
Price: $13 for breakfast sandwiches, sandwiches, french toast or avocado toast
Specialty: Breakfast burrito

We were up early to meet Shakti Sita’s friends Kat and Mike at Indian Gardens for breakfast. Kat, also known on TikTok as Miss Excel, and Mike were taking us all on one of their favorite activities in Sedona–ATVing through the desert. Indian Gardens is an old-fashioned gas station and General Store known for their coffee and adorable outdoor patio shaded by trees and birds. Now, I must’ve ordered something that wasn’t the go-to thing, therefore, I can’t give my best advice on what to get here. I ordered a cappuccino with almond milk and the french toast. The toast was made with lemon-poppy seed brioche, so I think that’s what through me off! However, if I had to go back I’d try a black coffee and the Breakfast Sandwich, which is what Patrick ordered which was in fact pretty good. Alternatively, I would’ve ordered the Breakfast Burrito, which looks quite epic, or the Galette that they occasionally have in store.

2. Pump House Station

Location: Tlaquepaque Village
Price: $15 for breakfast, $4 for coffee
Specialty: The avocado toast with sunny side up eggs

There was something about the name, something about the reviews, something about the aesthetic and something about the location that drew me to Pump House Station. The aesthetic isn’t just for show. The Sedona restaurant and its décor is the vision of owner, Belynda Greene, who has collected antiques and found objects for years – each eclectic piece with a story of its own. I would say breakfast was a very Americana experience, and just what I wanted. An endless list of eggs in a number of different forms, avocado toast, breakfast burritos, crepes, French toast, pancakes. There’s nothing you couldn’t have. The bottomless coffee was a plus of course too. Top that with the fact that the ingredients are organic and sustainable whenever possible and you have yourself a great morning.

3. Coffee Pot* – MUST-VISIT

Location: AZ-89A (the other main street)
Price: $9-$14
Specialty: 101 omelettes to choose from

This Sedona institution is an all-day diner and Sedona restaurant located in front of a red rock called Coffee Pot Mesa, hence the name coffee pot. Why is it called coffee pot mesa? Well duh, look at the picture above. The red rock on the right hand side looks like a coffee pot! It’s known as a gathering place for locals and psychics, who spend hours over coffee swapping predictions. It’s most distinguishing feature is that it’s home to 101 omelets. I didn’t even think there were 101 things you could put in an omelet. The price is also cheap, which is not something that can be said for the rest of Sedona. You’ll find pancakes, bacon, eggs, more eggs, more eggs…and of course, coffee. The coffee is served in a really nice locally made ceramic coffee cup that you can buy from the small gift shop on the way out.

4. Layla’s* – MUST-VISIT

Location: 3190 W State Rte 89A #200
Price: Cappuccino $4.15, Croissant Sandwich $11
Specialty: Croissant sandwich

This – was – satisfying. Beyond belief. In Sedona, where everything is pure, basic, vegan, etc. This buttery, fatty, croissant with ham, egg and melted cheese was HEAVEN. The line was insanely long, but I get it. I get it so much, I actually waited in line for 30 minutes to get my egg sandwich. It was exactly what I needed before taking on a hike in the Grand Canyon. Energy, fat, and power. I would say it was the best croissant we had in Sedona the whole trip, hands down. Now was it an idyllic and scenic spot? No, but that’s not the point. This is a grab and go. Bring it back home, on your hike, or take it on the road.

5. The Secret Garden Cafe

Location: Tlaquepaque Shopping Village
Price: $17 for pancakes
Specialty: Pancakes

On day we recovered from our hike with a stop at The Secret Garden Cafe located in the Tlaquepaque Shopping Center. It’s not actually located in a secret garden, but the vibes are there. It’s not a vegan restaurant, but there are a lot of vegan and gluten-free options on the menu–like most of Sedona! I wasn’t super impressed with the breakfast, but it did the trick.

Casual Dining

1. ChocolaTree Organic Eatery

Why You Should Eat at Chocolatree in Sedona

Location: W Arizona 89A (aka one of the main streets)
Price: $15 for lunch and $5 for pastries and chocolates
Specialty: Exclusively vegan food with few regular options

For a late yet light afternoon lunch we headed to the famous lunch spot Chocolatree. It’s primarily known among vegans for having delicious vegan options. Not being a vegan, I thought: when in Sedona, do as the Sedonans do! So we tried a vegan lunch. I ordered the quesadilla alongside a small chocolate. Buying chocolate from Chocolatree means supporting the small-scale cacao growers they work with. All good stuff–that comes alongside good food. But, what really made Chocolatree worth visiting for me is its ambiance.

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2. The Local Juicery

Location: AZ-89A (the other main street)
Price: $11 smoothies, $13 bowls, $11 toast, $14 waffles
Specialty: Gluten-free vegan waffles and smoothies

We stopped for a quick snack post hike. Now I actually was a real big fan of Local Juicery’s waffles. They were even gluten free! I am the first to say that terms like “sprouted grain,” “vegan,” and “gluten free” usually are not appealing to me, but this waffle is the exception. It’s made with oat flour, chia seeds, coconut oil and bananas. The two warm waffles are topped with fruit with a side of maple syrup. Delicious. The only down-side is that it does come at a hefty price of $13. For $13, I’d expect at least 3-4 waffles, especially because they are so tiny and light on your belly. We accompanied our waffle with a smoothie of course.

3. Momo’s Kitchen Food Truck* – MUST-VISIT

Location: Sacajawea Plaza parking lot
Price: $14 Bulgogi, $3 tea
Specialty: Bibimbap and Bulgogi

My favorite part about Sedona’s Main Street was lunch. In the 4 days we were here, Patrick and I still hadn’t found a place that we were crazy about in terms of food. Nothing had blown our socks off or had us thinking, we have to go back there. That, and we were sick of paying $100 for mediocre meals…despite going to all the “must-go” places that food, travel, and media websites rave about. Luckily, our last 2 meals of the trip left us feeling satisfied. After some intensive Google searching, Patrick came across some reviews that said that like us, people had not found a good place for food until they came across this small food truck called Momo’s Kitchen serving Korean cuisine. Reviewers claimed it was one of the best (and most affordable) food spots in Sedona. At this point, we decided to give it a try. This place is an absolute hidden gem only known by those who know what good food is.

Hidden in Sacajawea Plaza parking lot in Uptown Sedona, Momo’s had no views, no fancy restaurant, just food for grab and go. We got our food and brought it to one of the many benches on Sedona’s Main Street. The menu is simple with just a couple of options for food, but that’s the way it’s meant to be. They know what they make best and focus on just that. Yes, of course, they have vegan options…we are in Sedona after all. We ordered Beef Bulgogi, which is essentially thin sliced beef grilled on a BBQ, over rice and paired it with some cold jujube ginger tea, made with ginger and honey. Why not try something new. The food was authentic, healthy and super flavorful. Plus, the price was right. This is one of those places that is actually worth visiting in Sedona – I promise.

4. Tamaliza* – MUST-VISIT

Location: 1155 W State Rte 89A
Price: Tamales from $8 – $18 depending on toppings
Specialty: Tamales

Before driving back to Phoenix for our flight back to New York, we grabbed an early dinner at another small, affordable casita right off of the Main Street. Tamaliza serves authentic Mexican food. They are known for their tamales and I am embarrassed to admit that I had never had a tamale before this day or know what it was. But gosh was this the place to have that first tamale experience. Authenticity is the only word that can be used to describe the food and ambiance here. In this small café, attention to detail is placed on everything from the plates to the chairs and depictions on the tables. But you quickly get distracted when they place a plate with an unwrapped tamale piled high with black beans, spinach, cheese, guacamole, salsa…whatever you want to add to it. With one bite, you immediately wonder, why didn’t you consider coming here at the start of your trip and save yourself the hassle of looking for other good places to eat?

The tamale options are endless – beef, pork, chicken, vegetarian, vegan (of course!). And everything is made with clean ingredients, no lard or sauces from a can. You’ll occasionally see a little kid asking her mom if she can help out the family business by bringing the plate to the guests. It’s adorable and authentic. Tamaliza is run by Claudia Gonzalez, a local who grew up outside Mexico City where her grandma taught her how to make tamales, tortillas, and salsas from scratch. When she moved to the US, she couldn’t find good, authentic Mexican food, and that’s how her idea for Tamaliza came to be. This is some of the best Mexican food I’ve had to date. This was the way to end a trip in Sedona, on a good and tasty note.


1. Creekside

Location: AZ-179 (the other main street)
Price: $17 – $24 per entrée for lunch and dinner and ~$15 for breakfasts
Specialty: Any meat based dish or the breakfast taco in the AM

Sticking to the script, when we visited Creekside restaurant, I decided to continue trying this “vegan” way of life. I ordered the vegan bento box alongside Shakti. The bento box included seasonal fruit & veggies, wild rice, hummus, tabbouleh, agave glazed sweet potato and more. It was very abundant yet light, which is what I wanted since I wasn’t very hungry. It was surprisingly filling. Their menu is seasonal since they make every dish from scratch and they source their ingredients locally, which is an interesting concept since we’re in the middle of the dessert. We were there at night so didn’t get to take in the view, but you’re supposed to get a beautiful red rock view of Bell Rock and Oak Creek if you go during the day.

2. Mariposa

Location: AZ-89A (the other main street)
Price: $46 for steak – $24 per tapa
Specialty: Come for the view of the red rocks at sunset, if you come after, it will be pitch black!

I don’t know if we manifested this experience through the Citrine or if I bought the Citrine because I subconsciously knew we were going to indulge that night. In any case, dinner was a lavish and abundant affair. Shakti Sita managed to get us a reservation at Mariposa, known as one of the best steakhouses in Sedona. What makes Mariposa so coveted is it’s views. Unfortunately, we had a late dinner so weren’t able to see them, so we focused on the Latin-inspired food. In mine and Pat’s opinion, for the price, the steak was ok – which is what they are known for. Maybe if we had indulged in it while seeing the red rock view it may have been a more transcendental experience. My suggestion is to make it over here for tapas hour and watch the sun set over the red rocks.

3. Saltrock

Location: 100 Amara Lane
Price: $30 and under
Specialty: Creative selection of tacos

This is the place to be if you want to say YES to tacos by the red rocks. The short rib tacos and pork belly tostados were our favorites. Barbacoa and carnitas were delicious as well. The Sedona restaurant is a part of the Amara resort so you get 5 star hotel service with cocktails, dinner, and a view of the red rocks. But if you want to see the red rocks, remember to come during sunset, otherwise it’s pitch black!

4. Cowboy Club

Location: 241 N State Rte 89A
Price: $23 for main and $9 for cactus fries
Specialty: Foods that you can ONLY eat in the Southwest that are atypical to other areas

Cactus fries, rattlesnake sausage or bites, elk chops, boar and bison. At Cowboy Club you can get a taste of the delicacies only available in the Southwest. In a lovely western memorabilia style restaurant, you’ll feel like your back in the Ol’ West. Unfortunately, when we dined there, there was a rattlesnake shortage so we weren’t able to taste it. But if you get the chance, it’s a must. Cowboy Club is the number 2 seller of rattlesnake in the US! But we did get to indulge in cactus fries and those are a must-try as well. If I had to choose, I would go for regular fries, but when in Arizona. Cactus fries are fried and battered like regular fries, but surprisingly a lot softer, watery and jello-like then regular fries.

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