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If you’re a vegan, that’s all the reason you need to eat at Chocolatree. If you’re not, here are another few reasons why you should still eat at Chocolatree in Sedona.

I usually don’t dedicate a full post to restaurants and food. You know that the only time I do is when there is something really worth raving about or if there is something very special about the place. As I was writing up my Sedona Guide, I found myself writing paragraph after paragraph about Chocolatree. In full honesty, I was expecting to. It’s Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Lead Teacher Shakti Sita’s favorite go-to place in Sedona, and now I’ve come to realize–with reason.

After ATVing all morning and visiting Shaman’s Cave in the early afternoon, it was time for a late afternoon lunch. We headed to the famous lunch spot Chocolatree. It’s primarily known among vegans for having delicious vegan options. Not being a vegan, I thought: when in Sedona, do as the Sedonans do! So we tried a vegan lunch.

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