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Tackle Sky Road by bike, foot, or car, and you’ll realize why it’s considered one of the most beautiful drives in Ireland. Here’s what to see along the way.

One of the most popular attractions right off Clifden is Sky Road, a 11km scenic loop that gave Clifden its claim to fame some would say. It’s considered one of the best drives in Ireland and takes about 30 min by car. It’s hard to miss from Clifden since all signs point to Sky Road. You can drive it in the winter or bike and walk it in the summer. The road takes you through Connemara‘s rugged landscape, the rugged countryside, the Atlantic Ocean, and the coastline of County Mayo to the North and County Clare to the South. The road eventually breaks off into an upper and lower road.

We did the drive clockwise, driving by Clifden Castle along the shoreline and then stopping by Sky Road Wild Atlantic View Point. We took the upper road to the view point and hoped the fog would clear once we reached the top. As we pulled over into the scenic overlook at the peak of the cliff, our hope quickly faded. Unfortunately the views were impeded but there was enough visibility to vaguely catch a glimpse of the neighboring Counties and countryside in the distance. I guess we’ll have to go back and do it again on a clearer day!

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This is what Sky Road REALLY looks like on a clear day, much better than our foggy drive! Now you know why it’s worth visiting.

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The drive continues till you reach the farthest point of the peninsula, Kingstown. Connemara is famous for their ponies. The Connemara Pony is the largest of all pony breeds and internationally renowned. It descends from the Andalusian horse that bred with Scandinavian ponies in Connemara. There is a society in Clifden dedicated to protecting this breed. Kingstown Connemara Ponies is one of the most notable places for these ponies. You can stop by to see the ponies or if you’re lucky catch a show.

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Eventually you loop back around and find yourself back in Clifden. From here you can choose to go back to your stay or continue to drive the Wild Atlantic Way. Pat and I decided to continue driving down the Wild Atlantic Way.

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