Flam to Bergen via Ferry: Uncovering the Sognefjord

313Shares 0 0 313 0 Why travel from Flam to Bergen by train, when you can experience one of the most beautiful natural wonders of Norway and travel via ferry down the Sognefjord?  PHOTOGRAPHY PROPERTY OF SVADORE We departed our wonderful stay at 29|2 Aurland and dropped off our hybrid rental car at Flam Travel […]

Top Things to Do in Oslo in May

7KShares 0 0 7K 0 Clean streets, good looking and happy people, eco-friendly and rich city. This is how I would describe Oslo. I had zero expectations going into my trip and left Oslo thinking to myself—there’s “Norway” I’m going back home. PHOTOGRAPHY PROPERTY OF SVADORE When planning my quick 4-day long weekend getaway to […]

My New York: Upper West Side, Café Lalo

109Shares 0 0 109 0 Choose from over 100 cakes, pies and cookies in the You’ve Got Mail cameo spot Café Lalo, in my very own neighborhood the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Photography property of SVADORE Today we are café-ing in my own personal neighborhood, the Upper West Side in Manhattan. Close to Central […]

The Ultimate 3-Day London Itinerary: Day 2

1KShares 0 0 1K 0 There is an awful lot to see in London and never enough time. Pat and I set off to see as much of London as we could after Day 1 of our Ultimate 3-day London Itinerary. We packed our walking shoes, an umbrella, and were off to conquer Day 2! […]

The Best Old School French Restaurant in London: Otto’s

358Shares 0 0 358 0 It takes a lot for a meal to sweep me off my feet and I have encountered a rare few of these moments (mainly in Sicily, Italy). London was the last place where I expected this to happen. In comes Otto’s, in my opinion the best old school French Restaurant in […]

A 3 Day Guide to the Island of Mykonos, Greece: Part I

12KShares 0 0 12K 0 After a full two weeks of sightseeing around Italy and Athens, we finally hit our first real “vacation” spot. There is a difference between “traveling” and “vacation.” Traveling requires seeing things and always being active which is a lot of fun, but exhausting once it hits day 4. Vacation requires […]

Eat in Fès: Fez Café

0Shares 0 0 0 0 A tranquil oasis nestled in a Pasha’s old palace with an Andalusian-inspired garden. European and Moroccan fusion food with a twist, Fez Café is one of Fès’ more modern takes on Moroccan cuisine. PHOTOGRAPHY BY SVADORE Our first night in Fez, we are tired and didn’t have time to get a […]

The Ultimate Seville Travel Guide

10Shares 0 0 10 0 Seville and its charm comes from its Moorish influence. The narrow, winding streets endeavor to block the sun and hot African breezes from filling the maze-like cobblestone streets, the whitewashed houses and Baroque facades enchant travelers at every corner and the flamenco shows echo throughout the night–it is truly a city for […]

Get Lost In Barcelona

0Shares 0 0 0 0 PHOTOGRAPHY BY: SVEVA MARCANGELI Catalan culture, gothic architecture, pristine beaches and eclectic nightlife… Get lost in the city of warm weather and warmer people. Get insider travel tips and luxury fashion and lifestyle content on the world’s most exceptional destinations and products directly to your inbox. Don’t miss out–sign up for […]