My Experience At Las Dalias Hippy Market, Ibiza

0Shares 0 0 0 0 True Ibiza was an island of escape and freedom, it was a laidback, libertarian lifestyle, a place where you could recreate yourself. Ibiza used to have a true ‘spiritual vibe.’ But why? Ibiza was so far off the map, that in the 1800s and early 1900s it was a poverty-stricken […]

Punta Galera, How to Get to Flat Rock Beach

0Shares 0 0 0 0 People make fun of me all the time because when I travel, nothing can ever be “just a beach” or “just a coffee.” I always want to find the best coffee, the best beach, the most unique beach, the most unknown place, the local spot…and the list goes on. Punta […]

A Guide to Isola Bella, Lago Maggiore

1Shares 0 0 1 0 No, this is not the Isola Bella from Sicily located in Taormina and as seen in films like White Lotus. This is the Northern Isola Bella located on Lago Maggiore. The one with more history, architecture, and luxurious gardens where you can spend countless hours wandering the island. Isola Bella […]

15 Foods You Must Eat in Puglia & Where to Find Them

231Shares 0 0 231 0 Regionalism is a strong feature in Italy. In architecture, dialect, and most importantly food. Here are 15 foods you must eat in Puglia in order to experience the true culture. Each region in Italy has unique dishes that are only offered in those specific areas. Forget the usual 3 Ps: […]

What are Cenotes? Your Guide to the Yucatán Peninsula

119Shares 0 0 119 0 Before you run off and make a list of your favorite cenotes to visit, it’s important to know how these miracles of nature came to be, how they are tied to the dinosaur extinction (say what?!) and what they were used for by the Mayans. Before Yucatán Peninsula was a […]

Posada Margherita Restaurant Review, Tulum

191Shares 0 0 191 0 Posada Margherita is one of my favorite places to eat in Tulum. Not only because the meal sat so well with me that a few hours later I didn’t feel like I had a belly bomb, but because of the care and attention to detail. Located at the beginning of […]

2 Days in Hvar, Croatia Itinerary

12Shares 0 0 12 0 There’s so much more to Hvar Island than partying. So don’t skip the island just yet if a party isn’t your scene. Rarely do I visit a destination and leave stunned by how different it was from everything I read and heard about in passing. Hvar, Croatia is one of […]

What Locals Do in Austin, TX: The Wayback’s Guide

152Shares 0 0 152 0 During a rare winter storm in Austin, Texas, I stayed at The Wayback Austin. While there I got to know owner, Sydney Sue, and Property Manager, Malenny Vasquez. I got their take on what locals do in Austin, TX and Texas Hill Country including their favorite spots on property and […]