From Garden to Table: Masseria Susafa’s Restaurant Il Granaio

535Shares 0 0 535 0 There’s a reason why people drive 40+ minutes to Masseria Susafa’s renowned restaurant Il Granaio for a simple lunch or elegant dinner. In the middle of the Sicilian countryside, smack in the middle of Cefalù and Agrigento, exists this marvelously conserved antique barn immersed in nature. It’s hard not to […]

Eat in Fès: Dar Roumana

1Shares 0 0 1 0 Experience the tranquility and sensuality of exotic Fès mixed with a gourmet twist. Nestled away in a dark alley deep in the Fès Medina lies Dar Roumana. A very small Riad with limited seating, the Riad makes for a highly intimate and romantic experience alongside a traditional meal with a gourmet […]

Luxury Stay in Montréal: Le Méridien Versailles

0Shares 0 0 0 0 After a 6-hour drive from Greenwich, CT to Montréal, Quebec, my boyfriend and I arrived at the Le Méridien Versailles, a contemporary château-like boutique hotel amid the historical downtown district. Upon arrival, our car was valeted and we were given a key card up to the eighth floor. As we […]

Luxury Stay In Sicily: Casa San Giorgio

3Shares 0 0 3 0 Finding a parking spot was close to impossible. It took my mother and I one hour driving around in our four-door Peugeot, trying to understand the little winding streets to figure out where our little quaint cave dwelling resided. After carrying our luggage up 3 daunting, steep hills, we were […]

Luxury Stay in Sicily: Barone di Villagrande

68Shares 0 0 68 0 PHOTOGRAPHY PROPERTY OF SVADORE  My mother and I pulled up to Barone di Villagrande in our four-door automatic Peugeot not knowing what to expect. Greeted by a white husky and a friendly staff, we were brought to our room “Junior Suite Conza” and told that dinner would be ready in […]