11 Local Foods in Ibiza: A Guide & Where to Eat Them

0Shares 0 0 0 0 Overshadowed by it’s natural beauty and vibrant nightlife, the local foods in Ibiza are often overlooked. From traditional dishes that have been cherished for generations to modern culinary creations that fuse global influences, Ibiza’s food offerings are as diverse as the island’s visitors. In this comprehensive guide, I embark on […]

6 Iconic & Secret Sedona Vortex Hikes For All Levels

1Shares 0 0 1 0 Sedona is in the heart of a major energy vortex that swirls around the region. Within Sedona, there are areas where the vortex is truly dense, spiraling energy in and out. Those seeking enlightenment go in search of these vortexes for spirtual healing and rejuvenation. Sedona has 4 main energy […]

Visit Tiverton & Little Compton, Farm Coast of Rhode Island in May

8Shares 0 0 8 0 We’re driving away from the bustling seaside village of Newport and towards the Farm Coast of Rhode Island. The rolling landscapes and farmhouses make us feel like we’re driving back into history. Ever heard of the Rhode Island Farm Coast? That’s where we’re headed. Just an hour drive from Newport, […]

7 Best Restaurants in Vermont & Places to Eat

70Shares 0 0 70 0 Are you spending some time skiing in Southern Vermont? Are you making your way up to the Green Mountains? Are you heading as far north as Burlington? Vermont’s food scene is quite unbelievable. It’s not something you should miss. People always find this unexpected since not many know about Vermont’s […]

How to Reach Shaman’s Cave/Hole in the Rock, Robbers Roost Trail, Sedona

549Shares 0 0 549 0 Adventures abound both outside and inside, spiritually and physically, when ATVing to Shaman’s Cave via Robbers Roost Trail (aka Hole in the Rock Trail). Sedona encourages insight, especially spiritual insight. These spiritual insights are best captured at vortex spots found throughout Sedona. One of the must-have and off-the-beaten path experiences […]

7 Can’t Miss Park City, Utah Restaurants & Saloons

211Shares 0 0 211 0 7 of the best and most unique Park City, Utah restaurant experiences you won’t find anywhere else. From 14-dish meals to oldest restaurants in Park City. There are many difference between skiing in Europe vs the US, but one of the big ones is food. Luckily, Park City is almost […]

Baia del Mulino D’Acqua: A Secret Beach & Grotto near Otranto

61Shares 0 0 61 0 I’m guessing you’ve never heard of the Baia del Mulino D’Acqua, which translates to Water Mill Bay, located near Otranto? I’m not surprised. This “beach” located near Otranto is very much a local kept secret. It’s not as known as it’s neighboring bays of Baia dei Turchi and Torre di […]

Patria Palace Hotel: Luxury Stay in Lecce, Puglia

558Shares 0 0 558 0 Art and architect lovers be warned: there are so many treasures at Patria Palace luxury hotel in Lecce, it’s easy to forget the outside world. But there’s always the hotel’s panoramic Atenza restaurant with terrace in front of Basilica di Santa Croce to remind you, serving dishes that are a […]