Exploring the Golden Beauty of Agrigento: Valley of the Temples

1KShares 0 0 1K 0 If you are in search of history and archaeology while on vacation in Agrigento, Sicily, its magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Valley of the Temples, is the place to go. Photography property of SVADORE People flock to Rome and Athens to see what they believe are some of the […]

Where to Stay near Agrigento, Sicily: Fontes Episcopi Bio Resort Part I

1KShares 0 0 1K 0 Steps away from the tourist stays of Agrigento lies Fontes Episcopi. Far from a hotel, guesthouse, bed and breakfast, or any other type of accommodation, Fontes Episcopi is a Bio Resort that specializes in harmonizing and re-connecting people and the environment the way our ancestors once lived. Photography property of […]

A Week On Lake Time: A Travel Guide to Lake Winnipesaukee

1KShares 0 0 1K 0 Boat hopping from dock to dock, looking for loons, stopping in towns for fresh ice cream, and taking quick hikes on some of the 250-plus islands are just some of the reasons why Lake Winnipesaukee is considered alive, peaceful and full in spirit as it’s name would suggest. Pat and […]

Stay in Ait Ben Haddou: Riad Caravane

46Shares 0 0 46 0 Riad Caravane is a stylish yet simple riad with Berber touches located in the rustic and sophisticated setting of Ait Ben Haddou. Just a few steps away from the UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is the perfect stay for those looking for a night on the edge of the desert […]

Eat in Marrakech: Cafe Arabe

0Shares 0 0 0 0 Looking for a change up from traditional Moroccan cuisine? Head to Cafe Arabe for Italo-Moroccan fusion and enjoy the sunset over the city with your significant other or a group of friends in the heart of it all, in the center of the medina. Photography by Svadore One of the […]

Eat in Fès: Private Culinary Class with Mina at Riad Anata

1Shares 0 0 1 0 When in the culinary hotbed of Morocco–Fès–one can’t help, but indulge in a private culinary class. We spent 3 hours on a Sunday in Fès learning all the ins and outs of traditional Moroccan cuisine with Mina from Riad Anata.  Moroccan cuisine is one of the most diverse and important […]

How to Pack for a Trip to Morocco

39Shares 0 0 39 0 Excited for your exotic, beautiful and eye-opening experience to Morocco? Before you go there are some important things you should keep in mind when you pack. Here is Svadore’s essential guide to packing for a trip to Morocco.  Pat and I just came back from one of the most exotic […]

Sevilla, Spain: A Charming Moorish Maze

0Shares 0 0 0 0 Sevilla PHOTOGRAPHY BY: SVEVA MARCANGELI Sevilla and its charm comes from its Moorish influence. The narrow, winding streets endeavor to block the sun and hot African breezes from filling the maze-like cobblestone streets, the whitewashed houses and Baroque facades enchant travelers at every corner and the flamenco shows echo throughout the night–it […]