My New York: Midtown, Red Eye Grill on Valentine’s Day

0Shares 0 0 0 0 NYC is associated with romantic movies. The backdrop of the night-lights and intimate restaurants are enough to set sparks flying no matter what you do. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, the case is even more so. Pat and I set off to explore one of our favorite steakhouses famous […]

Sicily’s Crown Jewel: Riserva Naturale Orientata Dello Zingaro

871Shares 0 0 871 0 Sicily has a sea that is unlike any other and the Riserva Naturale Orientata Dello Zingaro has to be the Sicilian crown jewel.  Photography property of SVADORE Europeans have long known the natural beauty of Sicily. While the Europeans have vacationed in Sicily for ages, many Americans have largely yet to […]

A 3 Day Guide to the Island of Mykonos, Greece: Part II

209Shares 0 0 209 0 Photography by Svadore unless otherwise noted Our first day in Mykonos was a day of R&R (rest and recreation) following our two weeks of travel across Italy, so on day 2, we were ready to spring into action and head for the beaches. We woke up early and grabbed breakfast […]

A Weekend on Long Island: Mattebella Vineyards

306Shares 0 0 306 0 For the Fourth of July weekend, Pat and I headed out to Long Island for a stay-cation. Although the crowds flock to Montauk during the time, I prefer to steer away from the massive crowds inundating the beaches out East and stay further inland. Just because you’re not at Montauk […]

Eat in Marrakech: Dar Cherifa

0Shares 0 0 0 0 Photography by Svadore Walk down a rabbit hole of dark alleys and step into a dark entrance were you are greeted by a beautiful candle lit courtyard surrounded by orange pillars, intricate archways, a rose petal fountain and candle lit tables. Dar Cherifa offers a local and romantic dinner in […]

5 Best Restaurants & Food in Marrakech: What and Where to Eat

98Shares 0 0 98 0 I am sure you have found yourself wondering..what makes a trip to Marrakech so special? Is it the architecture, the history, the medina? Truthfully, it is none of the above. The rich and vibrant food and restaurants in Marrakech are what make the medina one of a kind. Before going […]