Menemsha, Martha’s Vineyard: An Unchanged Place

637Shares 0 0 637 0 Menemsha is Martha’s Vineyard at its most iconic. The fishermen community is what shapes the sense of place one feels when visiting the unique and special fishing village. If I were to describe the town of Menemsha in four words, it would be unique, simple, authentic, and unapologetically itself. In […]

8 Things to Do in Guilford, CT

930Shares 0 0 930 0 If you’re looking for an untainted town with historical New England buildings, mom-and-pop shops, and some of the best lobster rolls in Connecticut, take a trip to Guilford, CT. It’s a hidden CT gem. Here are my top 8 things to do in Guilford, CT. As a traveler, I’m always […]

Things to Do in Central Park NYC: The Ultimate Guide!

1KShares 0 0 1K 0 Animals, rowboats, model boats, museums, castles, amusement parks, marionette theatres, ice skating rinks…you never know what you will find in Central Park. There are over 25+ things to do in Central Park, some you may not even know of. How many have you done? Central Park, or what I like […]

A Guide to Isola dei Pescatori, Lago Maggiore

730Shares 0 0 730 0 Don’t let Isola Bella and Madre be the only two Borromean islands you see when on Lake Maggiore. Visit Isola dei Pescatori for a glimpse at a true fishermen’s island. Lake Maggiore‘s main attraction, in addition to the luxurious town of Stresa, are the Borromean Islands in the middle of […]

Where to Rent Skis in Courmayeur: Alpineve

293Shares 0 0 293 0 Let me break it down for you why Alpineve should be your one and only choice when it comes to renting skis in Courmayeur. Whether you have skis or need to rent skis in Courmayeur, go to Alpineve–and here’s why. Sure, bringing your own skis is convenient. But there’s something […]

Why are Le Cinque Terre a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

355Shares 0 0 355 0 I’ll stop you right there. It’s not why you think. It’s not because of the 5 quaint, medieval villages, it’s because of what’s protecting them–extensive landscape terraces. When I set out to visit Liguria and le Cinque Terre region, I didn’t realize I was going in so naive until I […]

Tasting Cinque Terre at La Sosta, A Michelin Restaurant

801Shares 0 0 801 0 Why are le Cinque Terre a UNESCO World Heritage Site? Hint: It’s not because of the 5 seaside towns. Learn why by eating your way through a Michelin recommended dinner at La Sosta. Embark on an educational and gastronomic journey for the senses via a Michelin recommended meal in the […]

Painted Rock: Things to Do on Block Island

3Shares 0 0 3 0 This ever-changing Painted Rock has been a Block Island local tradition since 1962. Discover its origin story and visit the rock to uncover the message of the week for yourself. It all started 57 years ago, in 1962, when Wendy and Eddie decided to paint over the rock at the […]

Rue Crémieux: How to Visit Places in Paris Respectfully

418Shares 0 0 418 0 Rue Crémieux in Paris has received a ton of attention in recent years. Here’s how to see it without infringing on the local’s daily lives and reasons why you should visit the street. It’s human nature to see a picture of a quaint, vividly colorful, row of English cottage homes […]