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Is Sedona the UFO hotspot of the world? A UFO Tour Experience reveals all.

Remember watching ET when you were super young and wondering when you’d ever have your own encounter? And when you got a bit older, you started watching the Men in Black and started to question whether aliens lived among us…Now you’re in your 20s and 30s watching Arrival and freaking out about whether aliens are real or not. Well, whether you believe in aliens or not, a UFO tour experience is in the books when you’re visiting Sedona, Arizona. UFO Tourism has been on the rise over the last few years. And trust me, even if you’re a none believer, it’s very fun. It takes you back to your childhood days and has you questioning what could and couldn’t be. And where better to go on a UFO Tour experience then in Sedona.

Sedona is known for having some of the highest UFO sightings. Pat’s sister Shakti Sita had already done a few UFO Tour experiences so recommended we try Sedona UFO Tours after having heard good things about it. We drove up to parking lot in a front of a small purple shed with a sign covered in ivy that read Sedona UFO Tours. The door was open. Inside were hot chocolates and teas for those looking to warm up for the night, alien memorabilia and some fun souvenirs to take back home. Our tour group met outside in the parking lot for a brief recap of the night. Once we got the full intro, everyone jumped into their cars and made a bee-line following the main car out into a small parking lot on the outskirts of Sedona.

They drove us to a parking lot that was pure inky darkness. Sedona has been designated by the International Dark-Sky Association as the world’s eighth International Dark Sky Community. That means it’s “protects it’s dark night skies as a natural wonder” so people can stargaze and watch the stars. That means that light pollution is minimal in the town. Therefore, when you’re wandering around at night, there is not a lot of lighting on the streets (aside from Main Street). Remember to carry around your phone and keep the flashlight on…also so you can keep an eye out for javelinas! A UFO Tour not only gives you the chance to look out for UFOs, but also have a personal guide talk you through the stargazing and galaxies in the unpolluted black night skies.


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We got out of the car and the tour guide put orange cones around the safe space we could stay in. We were in a parking lot after all so had to signal to any cars that might have decided to make their way up here in the middle of the night. FYI-no cars did. Iooked up at the sky and was transfixed by the expanse of the Milky Way that revealed itself in the indigo-blue skies above the desert town. Every time I’ve been in a desert or in the countryside – like in Morocco or Italy – I realized how many stars actually filled the heavens. It makes you feel so small and insignificant, but in a good way. Like there is so much more to the universe then just our small problems. We’re a part of something bigger. But I digress…

The UFO tour begins to hand out military grade night vision binoculars. You didn’t think you would just stare up at the sky all night in the hopes of seeing UFOs did you? The night vision binoculars are what help you see everything that’s in between that may not be visible to the human eye. They give you 5000 times more visibility than can be seen with the bare eye. The night vision binoculars were super cool, it was like having x-ray vision into the sky.


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Our tour guide explained that certain aerial objects were easy to spot. For instance, airplanes were easy to spot because of their blinking lights in a recognizable formation. They also fly much lower than many of the things that can be spotted. Satellites on the other hand move steadily across the horizon. So which ones are UFOs? Lights that suddenly appeared and began moving. Lights that shot across the sky then disappeared. Lights that burned brighter and then ebbed. These were considered UFOs (unidentified flying object). We spent the night looking up at the sky.

We gripped our military spec night vision binoculars and looked around. Eyes to the sky. If you see something, you call it out so others have a chance to look in that quadrant. We would hear the occasional “I got one!” and everyone’s binoculars would spin on over to view the UFO. We all had powerful laser pointers to point out where the UFOs were in the sky. These could only be handled by adults due to their dangerous nature. Believe it or not, but your neck begins to cramp real fast when you’re looking up to the sky all night. The UFO tour experience has some reclining lounge chairs to ease the neck pain and space heaters to keep everyone warm.

At the end of the night, we pull together for some hot chocolate and hear some of the personal stories the tour guides have to share about why they begun to get in this business in the first place. They finish off by sharing some rare UFO pieces they acquired with the group and even allow us to touch them. As a souvenir of the night, they give each person who joined the tour group a piece of prehnite, which they say is so powerful it is used to power spaceships.

We left happy with the experience and questioning what was real and not. We came up with speculations as to what we thought we actually saw. We had watched these UFOs hover and land off of a cliff where people aren’t allowed to visit…wonder why? Could be because of the UFOs…Pat and I speculated what we were seeing could also be the Sedona hot air balloons getting refueled and being tested out over the cliff. But that late at night? Who knows…I guess you’ll have to go on a UFO Tour experience for yourself and decide what is real and isn’t.

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