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When you’re in Ibiza, if you see people walking around with what looks like dirt on their skin, don’t be alarmed. Ibiza is known for it’s medicinal mud baths, rich in anti-inflammatory properties, found only in certain beaches and areas of the island. Who knew that Ibiza also had an extremely holistic and intense wellness side to it? Well – it does. It’s mainly located on the East coast of the island, which is where we stayed. It’s full of yoga retreats, holistic medicine, and farm to table food.

This mud, when placed on the skin, turns into a paste. Turning it into literally a medicinal mud bath. Through electrical charges, all the toxins, free radicals, heavy metals and chemicals are pulled away from the skin and stick to the clay. The mud bath exfoliates and purifies the skin and acts as an anti-inflammatory and cellular regenerator. Simultaneously, your body absorbs all the good nutrients from the clay like magnesium, iron, zinc, phosphorous and copper that help restore your body. To sum it up, it’s really good for you and it’s free! Even celebrities spread this good stuff on their body when they’re in Ibiza.


If you decide to try a mud bath DON’T wear a white or light colored bathing suit. The clay will stain it and it won’t come off. I had to learn that the hard way in Santorini. Because I was light colored bathing suits when in Ibiza, I unfortunately avoided the clay. But I had I known, I would’ve worn a darker suit.

Clay and medicinal mud baths have been used as a treatment since ancient times because of it’s healing properties. In Italy and at many spas around the world, I’ve used and had clay treatments before. For those who have never done something like this, it’s quite simple. In 3 specific locations in Ibiza, you can find this highly coveted mud bath. More on these locations below. When you’re there, grab some clay, mix it with some sea water to make it into a soft paste. Then, put it on your face and body as a mask and bake like this for 15-20 minutes in the sun until it dries. Once dry, jump into the clear blue sea and wash it off. You’ll come out with soft, healthy and radiant skin.

So now that you know all about the healing benefits of mud baths, if you’re in Ibiza, where can you experience mud baths? There are 3 spots on the island where you can find the medicinal mud baths:

1. Cala Xarraca

Located on the North side of the island in the neighborhood of San Juan is Cala Xarraca. The mud baths are not located on the beach, but can be found near the cove on the left side of the beach. In order to get the mud to start working, grab a clay rock and put a little salt water on it and rub it all over your body. Especially in the summer months when the clay rocks are particularly hard because of the heat.


Cala Xarraca, Ibiza: Beach, Hikes, Medicinal Mud & Caves

2. Aguas Blancas

Also located on the quieter side of Ibiza island on the East is Aguas Blancas, or white beach. Aside from the clay bluffs being a gorgeous site to behold and the crystal clear sea being transparent as far as the eye can sea…and aside from it having one of my favorite Chiringuitos on the island…it is the medicinal mud baths that makes Aguas Blancas, a remote and local attraction. Located away from the resort and party crowd, it is the perfect beach for this spa-like experience. The gray mineral that is released by the cliffs as a result of erosion turns gray and gives the mud it’s healing properties.


Aguas Blancas: Sand, Mud Baths, Chiringuitos, and Cliffs

3. Sa Caleta

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If you’re looking for some spa and wellness in the middle of the party, than Sa Caleta is for you. The beach is located in between one of the coolest coves ever called Es Bol Nou. The mud comes from this clay that surrounds the beach. Here, the clay is red. Bake and partake in a holistic mud bath treatment that our ancestors did while basking in the sun where the first settlements once inhabited on the island.

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