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Patrick and I had high expectations for Eivissa old town. We were thinking we would find cute and fun nightlife. The type were there are small bars that are blasting good old music from the 2000s and 2010s that we could sing, drink, and dance along to. And while I knew that idea was definitely off mark, I thought I could at least find a cute bar or cocktail venue. Maybe even a cool bar that also has some dancing? Maybe a chill club that isn’t too crazy? That seemed realistic enough. We thought Eivissa would be a cute town filled with quaint streets and joyful life. Unfortunately, Eivissa did not meet our expectations and thus we didn’t last very long. 1-2 hours to be exact – and that’s already a lot. My reco: Don’t Go to Ibiza Old Town, stick to the East coast of Ibiza instead.

The Smells & Humidity of Dalt Vila, Eivissa

When we got into Eivissa, the entire old town area wreaked of garbage. It was a hot and humid night and because it’s a walled city, no wind blew into the streets, unlike where we were in the countryside. In order to get any sort of wind, you had to either be at the top of Dalt Vila fort or by the yachts outside the walled city. No wind meant that the humidity was trapped inside this walled bubble…which meant the stench of humid garbage filled the street and cats and cockroaches roamed them as well. It was so humid, I was soaking wet within 10 minutes of wandering Eivissa old town. I needed to find the outskirts and get some air ASAP. I felt like I couldn’t breathe in the town.

The Type of People

The village looked a bit derelict and the partyers were not our type. It was more tourists who were…more trashy…then classy? They were drinking beverages the size of sand castle buckets. We had to elbow our way through the “pub streets” in order just to get to the other side. It was a lot of young kids and older people groping younger women. Not exactly the scene for a couple. Nothing about the village felt real or authentic.

Needless to say, all we did within Ibiza Old Town was walk to the top of Dalt Vila castle, roam a few streets, and get out of there.


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The Outskirts & Port of Dalt Vila

We finally reached the port on the outskirts of Dalt Vila where I could gasp for some “somewhat” fresh air. Finally, I was starting to cool down. My senses were overrun. I was profusely sweating, it wreaked in there, the people were not my type, the music was loud…However, while the yachts were nice to look at. It wasn’t necessarily any better out here. The bars lining the marina were all catered to tourists looking to get wasted with huge beverages. Nothing really authentic or chill or classy about it. We decided to make our way back to the car and drive back to our side of the island, the one made for us, the East coast of Ibiza.

The Lines of People

It was a Saturday night. On our way to pick up the car from the parking garage, we walked by a taxi stand. There were lines and lines of people lining up for taxis to take them to the big clubs around Ibiza town. I mean…I’m not joking when I say there must’ve been a line of 200 people lined up on the main road of Ibiza waiting for a taxi. And once you get out of that taxi, there are even more lines to get into the clubs. Absolutely ridiculous and I can assure you the cost of the taxis weren’t cheap either.

The Clubs

We walked and drove by a few of the clubs on our way out. The music was not up our alley, think more techno and house music with no beat or anything to sing along too. And again the people were just looking for a different time than us. Strobe lights breaking through the few windows outside these rectangular cement building that look more like prison isolation room, than a club. The strobe lights changed so quickly and were so many they were enough to give a seizure. I’m not kidding.

Honestly, I’m glad we visited Ibiza Old Town so we could officially say – we made the right choice choosing the East coast of Ibiza. That’s not to say that the East coast of Ibiza doesn’t have it’s fun. It’s just more laidback like the Hippie Night market and secret club at Akasha. Eivissa Town is not our cup of tea and we subconsciously new it would be this way, which is why we had booked San Juan and Eulalia – these are 100% our place.

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