In Pictures: Greenwich, CT in All Seasons

974Shares 0 0 974 0 Ever play tourist in your own hometown? A glimpse of the towns, beaches and details that make the 5 neighborhoods of Greenwich, CT an idyllic bubble for all seasons. Greenwich is located on the border of New York and Connecticut. It is the “gateway” to New England. Just 40 minutes […]

15 Foods You Must Eat in Puglia & Where to Find Them

231Shares 0 0 231 0 Regionalism is a strong feature in Italy. In architecture, dialect, and most importantly food. Here are 15 foods you must eat in Puglia in order to experience the true culture. Each region in Italy has unique dishes that are only offered in those specific areas. Forget the usual 3 Ps: […]

Puglia Itinerary: A 7 Day Road Trip

306Shares 0 0 306 0 This Puglia itinerary takes you on a 7 day road trip that introduces you to the vast and diverse landscape and people of Italy’s Southern heel, without missing a beat. People often overlook Italy’s sunbaked heel, home to hidden grottoes, medieval towns, and beautiful beaches on two seas–the Adriatic and […]

5 Towns to Visit in Itria Valley Based On Your Interests

184Shares 0 0 184 0 Are you a foodie? Or are you interested in art or history? Or maybe you just want to chill with the locals or get lost in streets among other starstruck tourists? There is a town for everyone in the Itria Valley. But which town is right for you? Find out […]

A Stop in Alberobello, Puglia

251Shares 0 0 251 0 The largest concentration of trulli in Alberobello looks like a cluster of beehives. In these beehives, Italian artisans go to work focusing on the main craft of the area–woven textiles among others. The mere sight of trulli covered hills is the main reason why so many make the pilgrimage out […]

Visit Grottaglie: The Ceramics Capital of Puglia

208Shares 0 0 208 0 Welcome to the ceramics capital of Southeast Italy: Grottaglie. Explore, shop, eat and be merry. Grottaglie got it’s name from large grottoes nearby that were used as a refuge during the Saracen raids. Today, it is the ceramics capital of Puglia. What makes the Grottaglie ceramics so unique is that […]

Visit Locorotondo in an Afternoon: What to Do

351Shares 0 0 351 0 Named Locorotondo because of its tondo or circular shape, from afar, this village in the Valley d’Itria will have you walking around in delightful vicious circles–pun intended. Notice how the name Locorotondo has 5 o’s? Maybe that’s to really drive home the fact that it’s the round, circular village of […]

7 Things to Do in Ostuni: The White City in Puglia

1KShares 0 0 1K 0 Visit Ostuni, famous for being a white queen among olive groves. But do you know why it was painted white to begin with? Standing high on a gently sloping hill overlooking the azure Adriatic sea is the Apulian white city of Ostuni located in the Itria Valley, Puglia. It’s picturesque […]