Cenote Tankach-Ha Near Coba Ruins

424Shares 0 0 424 0 Looking for a cenote only visited by locals? The semi-open Cenote Tankach-Ha near the Coba Ruins is for all–families and kids. I mean…it has a diving platform! After having wandered Coba Ruins for a few hours, Pat and I were hot and looking for a quick place to cool off. […]

What are Cenotes? Your Guide to the Yucatán Peninsula

119Shares 0 0 119 0 Before you run off and make a list of your favorite cenotes to visit, it’s important to know how these miracles of nature came to be, how they are tied to the dinosaur extinction (say what?!) and what they were used for by the Mayans. Before Yucatán Peninsula was a […]

Visit Coba Ruins from Tulum: Know Before You Go

236Shares 0 0 236 0 Located in the jungle, unexcavated and with multiple civilizations, Coba Ruins is the non-touristy ruin you need to visit while in Yucatan Mexico. While leaving idyllic Tulum is hard, it is worth it. Pat and I drove to the Coba Ruins. We were told by locals to go to the […]

15 Restaurants in Tulum & Unique Foods To Try

1KShares 0 0 1K 0 From dining above the jungle in a bird’s nest, to drinking Kava and Kratam by a cenote to a speakeasy dining experience, here are the must visit restaurants in Tulum right now. Where should you go for dinner in Tulum? What are the top foods to try in Tulum? Where […]

Tulum Treehouse Restaurant: Speakeasy Dinner Experience

271Shares 0 0 271 0 No advertising. No photos. Limited number of people. An inconspicuous entrance. It’s almost like Tulum Treehouse Restaurant doesn’t want you to know about their private, speakeasy-like dinner experience. Luckily, I tell all (without pictures because they cover your camera phone to keep it private). All of the pictures are property […]

Posada Margherita Restaurant Review, Tulum

191Shares 0 0 191 0 Posada Margherita is one of my favorite places to eat in Tulum. Not only because the meal sat so well with me that a few hours later I didn’t feel like I had a belly bomb, but because of the care and attention to detail. Located at the beginning of […]

My First-Time Eating Chapulines: What to Know

36Shares 0 0 36 0 At first glance, chapulines look unappealing. After all, they are grasshoppers. But once I closed an eye and overcame their appearance, the flavor was much more familiar to me than expected. One of my favorite things to do on vacations is try exotic, weird foods. We’ve already done camel, cactus, […]

10 Things to Do in Newport, RI

566Shares 0 0 566 0 I’m not one to gravitate towards the “ultimate tourist destinations,” but Newport is worth it. It’s Gilded Age architecture, rich history, beaches, hiking trails and sailing heritage give you plenty of things to do in Newport, RI. It was my 28th birthday, so I thought I’d use my birthday as […]

Visit Cliff Walk Newport, Rhode Island and 40 Steps

116Shares 0 0 116 0 From a fishermen’s market spot to a nature promenade with luxury mansions, Cliff Walk Newport has been an icon in town for centuries. What’s great about the Newport Mansions or “summer cottages,” is that they are directly located on Cliff Walk, a 3.5 mile trail that winds along the edge […]

Explore Newport Mansions (AKA “Summer Cottages”) in Rhode Island

237Shares 0 0 237 0 God I love hearing people refer to the lavish Rhode Island Newport Mansions as “summer cottages.” A smile crosses my face every time. Vanderbilt-owned mansion The Breakers is anything but a cottage. Here’s a look inside. Newport is divided into two neighborhoods. One is small and local–The Point neighborhood. The […]