Gallipoli, Puglia: 8 Things to Do, Eat, and Shop

695Shares 0 0 695 0 Walking through Gallipoli’s fishermen village feels like you’re walking ‘under the sea’ as Sebastian from The Little Mermaid would say. Surrounded by pristine, almost transparent waters and stores rich in natural sea sponges, a day in Gallipoli feels otherworldly. After a morning spent lazily napping, reading, and lounging by the cold, […]

Shop in Gallipoli, Puglia: What to Take Home

3Shares 0 0 3 0 Did you know that Gallipoli is known among some as the historical village of natural sea sponges? Read on to learn what to take home when you shop in Gallipoli, Puglia. While the basilica in Gallipoli, Puglia draws your eye, it’s hard not to pay attention to the surrounding negozi, […]

Where to Eat and Drink in Gallipoli, Puglia

78Shares 0 0 78 0 This isn’t a list of the most lavish, famous, or noteworthy places to eat in Gallipoli. This is a simple recount of two of the most authentic places to eat and drink in Gallipoli, Puglia side by side with locals. My mother and I could’ve stopped for lunch at one […]

Why Nardò Should Be Your Homebase When In Puglia

488Shares 0 0 488 0 Nardò is not a highly publicized destination. In fact, most Italians themselves are not familiar with it. But what you miss when you choose not to venture into this unknown and modest village is a diverse and genuine people and way of life that simply cannot be found in the […]

Book Art Resort Masseria Bernardini in Salento All to Yourself

2KShares 0 0 2K 0 Take a peek inside art-driven luxury resort Masseria Bernardini in Salento where no detail is overlooked. The extra perk? You can take over the entire place with your whole crew through a very affordable buyout. When choosing where to stay in Salento, there’s no shortage of Masserie. In order for […]