10 Unique Things to Do in Hvar Town

1KShares 0 0 1K 0 This is a list of 10 unique things to do in Hvar Town including restaurants, bars, sights, and more according to Svadore. Every person will have a different experience in Hvar Town. Essentially it’s all about the things you do and how you do it. You can find yourself in […]

Paris’ Annual Bread Festival: La Fête du Pain

195Shares 0 0 195 0 If you’re ever in search for the heart and soul of Paris, just follow your nose towards the scent of freshly baked bread, warm from the oven. Here’s my experience at Paris’ annual bread festival: La Fête du Pain. Every May a very special festival is held in front of […]

6 Global Foods to Eat in Queens, NY Restaurants

511Shares 0 0 511 0 Inspired by an AFAR article, I relived my own Queens, NY food tour alongside AFAR Editors…here’s what it was like. About a year ago, AFAR came out with a feature about Queens, NY, one of the most ethnically diverse places on Earth where over 130 languages are spoken. For those […]