Best Things to Do in Courmayeur in Winter (Aside from Ski)

825Shares 0 0 825 0 Spas, lifts to what some call the eighth wonder of the world, food, skiing, shopping, grappa tasting, and more. These are just some of the best things to do in Courmayeur in winter (aside from ski). Now I know that you’ll spend the majority of your time on the slopes, […]

Where to Eat in Courmayeur (Restaurants On and Off Piste)

512Shares 0 0 512 0 Being a renowned foodie area, it is extremely important to have an idea of where to eat in Courmayeur both on and off piste before you get there. If Courmayeur is known for anything other than skiing, it’s food. It is renowned for having some of the best chefs and […]

6 Courmayeur Best Bars for Aperitivo and Après-ski

319Shares 0 0 319 0 Via Roma is known for it’s ritzy stores and old charm vibe, and of course aperitivo. Here are 6 Courmayeur best bars for aperitivo and après-ski. After a day hitting the slopes, Via Roma in Courmayeur is packed with people enjoying aperitivo and après-ski. With so many options to choose […]

Breakfast in Courmayeur: SVADORE’s Review of 3 Caffes

245Shares 0 0 245 0 My quest for the best coffee and brioche in Courmayeur. After 4 days in the area, it’s official, I’ve found the best breakfast in Courmayeur. Every time I land in Italy, the first thing I do is run to the bar (or what Americans call a cafe) at Malpensa Airport […]

Where to Rent Skis in Courmayeur: Alpineve

293Shares 0 0 293 0 Let me break it down for you why Alpineve should be your one and only choice when it comes to renting skis in Courmayeur. Whether you have skis or need to rent skis in Courmayeur, go to Alpineve–and here’s why. Sure, bringing your own skis is convenient. But there’s something […]

Hiking Macedonia Brook State Park During Fall Foliage in CT

464Shares 0 0 464 0 The Northeast may be overlooked by some larger, more glamorous natural wonders of the world. But when its peak foliage season, the Northeast has its moment too. Here is one of the best hikes for fall foliage in CT: Macedonia Brook State Park. My love for hiking began in Norway […]

9 Things to Do in Kent, CT in the Fall

939Shares 0 0 939 0 Show your true red, orange, yellow, and green colors this autumn. Here are 9 things to do in Kent, CT in the fall including hikes, art galleries, book sales, car raffles, pumpkin runs, and more. Fall is my favorite season of all. People think I’m funny when I list out […]

Ski Courmayeur, Italy: A Resort Guide for All Levels

1KShares 0 0 1K 0 Not sure what to expect on the slopes of Mont Blanc? Here’s my resort guide for all levels to ski in Courmayeur, Italy. There’s a reason Milanese people flock to Courmayeur in the winter months. Courmayeur is where you can ski leisurely on some easier slopes, take on some harder […]