Camogli, Italy: The Village Only Italian Locals Know About

2KShares 0 0 2K 0 Ever heard of Golfo Paradiso, or paradise gulf? This Italian Riviera are, just north of le Cinque Terre, is not known by tourists. It too has 5 charming seaside towns, including the fisherman village of Camogli, Italy. The first stop on our Golfo Paradiso and Cinque Terre exploration was the […]

A Guide to My Italian Hometown: Feriolo, Lago Maggiore

2KShares 0 0 2K 0 I open up about the people and places that keep me coming back to my Italian hometown of Feriolo, Lago Maggiore. While I live full time in Manhattan, I come back time and time again to my Italian hometown of Feriolo on the wonderful and lesser known Lake Maggiore. This […]

Tasting Cinque Terre at La Sosta, A Michelin Restaurant

801Shares 0 0 801 0 Why are le Cinque Terre a UNESCO World Heritage Site? Hint: It’s not because of the 5 seaside towns. Learn why by eating your way through a Michelin recommended dinner at La Sosta. Embark on an educational and gastronomic journey for the senses via a Michelin recommended meal in the […]

Skiing the Italian Alps with Ski Itineraries in March

908Shares 0 0 908 0 Hit some more challenging slopes and stop by a UNESCO World Heritage Site village all in one day, while skiing the Italian Alps with Ski Itineraries in March. As part of our Discovery Package, Pat and I got the chance to ski in and out of 3 different countries with […]

The Orphan Hamlet of Montorfano, Mergozzo

617Shares 0 0 617 0 Montorfano is no orphan to me. Not only does the hamlet have sentimental value for me, but it also is an undiscovered area of Lago di Mergozzo. My family is originally from Lago Maggiore, or Lake Maggiore. The neighboring lake to Lake Como. Americans are not familiar with the lake, […]

Mansion Beach And Its Block Island History

745Shares 0 0 745 0 Mansion Beach has the most pristine beach with soft, warm sand and emerald blue waters that can be found on Block Island. But beware, Mansion Beach is more than just a beach, it has a past and a history. During our time on Block Island, we found ourselves going back […]

Skiing in Europe is More Affordable than Skiing in America

386Shares 0 0 386 0 Newsflash: Skiing in Europe is more affordable than skiing in America. Here’s a cost analysis of my 3-day ski trip to Breckenridge, Colorado vs. the Alps. Verdict? Colorado was $3,400 vs. the Alps at $1,650. One of my favorite questions people always ask me is, “How can you afford to […]

Best Skiing in the Swiss Alps: A Beginner’s Guide

5KShares 0 0 5K 0 Explore 2 languages, cultures, and cuisines all in one day by skiing the Swiss Alps with Ski Itineraries. This beginner’s guide will have you cross from Italy to Switzerland without getting off of your skis. Start the day skiing in one country and end up skiing in another country without […]

Best Skiing in the Alps: Italy, France, Switzerland in 3 Days

2Shares 0 0 2 0 Ski Itineraries is the ultimate, affordable white glove skiing experience. It’s an effortless option that takes care of the how and where to ski in for all levels, so that you could experience the best skiing in the Alps from Italy, France to Switzerland over the course of 3 days. […]