Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup at Baengnyeon Samgyetang, Seoul

206Shares 0 0 206 0 If you’re looking for a place to eat traditional Samgyetang in the heart of Bukchon Hanok Village, look no further then Baengnyeon Samgyetang. During my trip to Seoul, my mom and I were based in a traditional Korean Hanok named Cheong Yeon Jae in Bukchon Hanok Village. For more on […]

Cheong Yeon Jae: Stay in Bukchon Hanok Village, Seoul

5KShares 0 0 5K 0 Find relaxation and harmony and experience authentic Korean cultural immersion by staying at the boutique hotel or Hanok, Cheong Yeon Jae. Following my trip to Hong Kong, the next stop on my Asia tour was a place that had been on my bucket list for a while—Seoul. When deciding where […]

Unwind in St. Helena at Health Spa Napa Valley

251Shares 0 0 251 0 Complement your relaxing visit at Napa Valley’s wineries with a trip to Health Spa Napa Valley, for a complete detox and moment of tranquility. Napa Valley offers you everything you need to uncork the mystery to a long life. Napa Valley’s main goal is to put you into a state […]

Cathay Pacific Review: Flying Economy from New York to Hong Kong

54Shares 0 0 54 0 I took a 16 hour nonstop flight with Cathay Pacific in economy class from New York to Hong Kong. Here’s my official review. The most common question I get asked is, “How do you travel so much?” and my answer is always the same, “It’s really not that expensive, you […]

Exploring Kowloon, Hong Kong: Temple Street Night Market

247Shares 0 0 247 0 If you’re looking to start your night off, or end it, with a bang, then make your way into the crazy night life of Temple Street Night Market in Kowloon. No night is incomplete in Hong Kong without a stop at the famed Temple Street Market. Located near Ladies Market […]

Exploring Kowloon, Hong Kong: Choi Hung Estate

465Shares 0 0 465 0 The number of people that fled to Hong Kong in the 50s and 60s, left everlasting marks on the city’s landscape. One of these areas is Choi Hung Estate. Wong Tai Sin District is another area that very much, like Quarry Bay, speaks to the architectural marvel of Hong Kong […]

4 Things To Do On A Day in Stanley, Hong Kong

698Shares 0 0 698 0 Stanley has changed so much in the last 10 years, that people are surprised when they find out there is more to do than just visit Stanley Market. Here’s a list of my top 4 recommendations on how to spend a day in Stanley, Hong Kong. Stanley was once the […]