Exploring Kowloon, Hong Kong: Yau Ma Tei, Jade Market

74Shares 0 0 74 0 Searching for something even more valuable than Gold in Yau Ma Tei’s Jade Market in Jordan, Kowloon. In Chinese culture, Jade is more valuable than gold. It symbolizes good fortune, a long life, and good health in Chinese culture. Few babies are born without a Jade bracelet waiting for them. […]

Exploring Kowloon, Hong Kong: Fa Yuen Street Fish Market

122Shares 0 0 122 0 Wet Markets such as Fa Yuen Street Fish Market have a reputation for selling some of the freshest produce. I looked inside to see what this local business is all about. Walking around Hong Kong and most of Asia, you will encounter on multiple occasions the open aired fish market. […]

Exploring Kowloon, Hong Kong: Mongkok Ladies Market and Wet Market

805Shares 0 0 805 0 Markets such as the Mongkok Ladies Market and Wet Market in Kowloon are a part of every day culture in Hong Kong. Take a walk down Mongkok Ladies market for bargains on everything from t-shirts, belts, souvenirs, toys, chopsticks and more (for both men and women). The market is open […]

The Olympian: A Rare Oasis in Hong Kong

553Shares 0 0 553 0 Spacious rooms are a rare commodity in the dense city of Hong Kong. The Olympian offers space, an attentive staff, a smartphone, and more during your stay. Sure you may find being in the heart of Central “exhilarating.” But when you are looking to get some shut-eye and find it […]

Perfect Itinerary: 2 Days in Yosemite National Park

3KShares 0 0 3K 0 How much can you see in 2 days in Yosemite National Park? You’d be surprised to know that we conquered a vast majority of the valley! Here’s how. Following our trip to Norway in May, Pat and I got on a hiking kick. So we made it our priority to […]

What to Expect at Mirror Lake in Yosemite Valley

836Shares 0 0 836 0 A short 1-mile walk passed a Yosemite campground brings you to one of the valley ground marvels of Yosemite: Mirror Lake. After doing a lengthy 10-mile hike on Panorama Trail that started at 10AM and ended at 5PM, Pat and I thought are legs wouldn’t be able to do anymore. […]