6 Things to Do on St. Helena Main Street

3KShares 0 0 3K 0 If you’re looking for something to do beyond just taste wine while in Napa Valley, then visit St. Helena’s Main Street for a truly unconventional experience!  While staying at The Ink House in Napa Valley, Pat and I found ourselves with a bit of free time after our wine tasting. […]

A Taste of Old and New at Alpha Omega Winery, Napa Valley

948Shares 0 0 948 0 If you’re looking for something more laid back than your typical explore the grounds and taste the barrel, then head to the outdoor terrace at Alpha Omega Winery for a casual wine tasting experience. I spoke about our private tour and tasting at Sinegal Estate in my previous post, but the […]

This Hickory S’mores Latte Is NYC’s Next Big Coffee Drink

987Shares 0 0 987 0 I am Italian. Therefore, I drink and LOVE coffee. So when I say the Hickory S’mores Latte at Felix Roasting Co. is the most amazing coffee beverage since Caffè Ginseng, I mean it. It’s literally Fall in a cup. Call me a coffee snob or whatever you have it, but […]