My New York: Soho, Dominique Ansel Bakery

5Shares 0 0 5 0 These pastries will have you waiting in line for almost an hour, rain or shine, flurries or blizzard, but they are worth the wait! Dominique Ansel Bakery is baking what some claim to be the world’s best pastries. Photography and videos property of SVADORE It was 15°F and my mom and […]

Top 8 Places To Explore In Chicago At Night

7Shares 0 0 7 0 Chi-ghttime. Much like New York, Chicago at night never sleeps and neither should you. During the day the city is full of activity, but at night it is serene and you get a better glimpse at the bright beacons Chicago has to offer. Photography property of SVADORE If it isn’t […]

My New York: Upper West Side, Café Lalo

109Shares 0 0 109 0 Choose from over 100 cakes, pies and cookies in the You’ve Got Mail cameo spot Café Lalo, in my very own neighborhood the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Photography property of SVADORE Today we are café-ing in my own personal neighborhood, the Upper West Side in Manhattan. Close to Central […]

A First Timers Weekend City Guide to Chicago

18Shares 0 0 18 0 Aside from indulging in all the amazing food in order to stay warm in the cold weather, there is a lot to do and see for on a first time in Chicago. Photography property of SVADORE Chicago is also known as the windy city—and not because it’s a cold and […]

Donut Miss Chicago’s Instagram Foodie Stop: BomboBar

15Shares 0 0 15 0 You donut want to miss this Instagram-worthy foodie stop in Chicago. Not only do they taste delicious and boast unique flavors, but they look like art too. Photography property of SVADORE When planning my trip to Chicago, I obviously had to do some research into the best foodie places in […]