The Ultimate 3-Day London Itinerary: Day 2

1KShares 0 0 1K 0 There is an awful lot to see in London and never enough time. Pat and I set off to see as much of London as we could after Day 1 of our Ultimate 3-day London Itinerary. We packed our walking shoes, an umbrella, and were off to conquer Day 2! […]

The Best Old School French Restaurant in London: Otto’s

358Shares 0 0 358 0 It takes a lot for a meal to sweep me off my feet and I have encountered a rare few of these moments (mainly in Sicily, Italy). London was the last place where I expected this to happen. In comes Otto’s, in my opinion the best old school French Restaurant in […]

The Ultimate 3-day London Itinerary: Day 1

940Shares 0 0 940 0 With only $390, we flew roundtrip to London during Columbus Day weekend, and now I am back and ready to report on the ultimate 3-day London itinerary. When we told people we were going to London for 3 days, they called us crazy. They obviously didn’t know Pat and I. […]

Bar Harbor, Maine: The Town That’s “Wild” For Blueberries

20KShares 0 0 20K 0 Maine is famed for more than lobster rolls and an epic moose population; it’s also the largest producer of wild blueberries in the world, hence my “wild” for blueberries pun! The New England fishing village offers some of the worlds best culinary delights, an abundance of nature experiences, blueberry traditions, […]