Visit Acadia National Park in September: A Maine Escape

2KShares 0 0 2K 0 Just minutes from bustling Bar Harbor lies Mount Desert’s crown jewel: Acadia National Park. My mother and I decided to evade the hustle and bustle of the city and reconnect with nature’s many pleasures and coveted secrets—its towering sea cliffs, pink granite mountains, and pristine glacial waters. After a 9-hour […]

Things to Do in Palermo, Sicily in An Afternoon

6KShares 0 0 6K 0 My mother and I were concerned that we needed more than just a day to do Palermo, Sicily. So when we were faced with the dilemma of conquering Palermo in only 3 to 4 hours, we were super nervous we wouldn’t see anything. On the contrary, we discovered that you […]

6 Things to Do (& Eat) in 1 Day in Cefalu, Sicily

6KShares 0 0 6K 0 Cefalù is known as one of the Sicily’s biggest tourist attractions, right alongside Taormina, so I was skeptical to visit it when I put it on my Sicilian itinerary. This postcard-perfect Arab fishing village had been gentrified by Norman King Roger II, who founded one of Sicily’s most magnificent cathedral. […]

Masseria Susafa: A Sicilian Getaway for Relax and Restoration

410Shares 0 0 410 0 You wake up and don’t hear a sound. No loud truck honking down the avenue at 5AM, no child screaming outside as his mother takes him to school, no thumping from the floor above you as your neighbor gets ready for work, and no A/C unit loudly blowing in your […]

From Garden to Table: Masseria Susafa’s Restaurant Il Granaio

535Shares 0 0 535 0 There’s a reason why people drive 40+ minutes to Masseria Susafa’s renowned restaurant Il Granaio for a simple lunch or elegant dinner. In the middle of the Sicilian countryside, smack in the middle of Cefalù and Agrigento, exists this marvelously conserved antique barn immersed in nature. It’s hard not to […]

Checking Into Masseria Susafa: A Heartwarming Stay in the Heart of Sicily

1KShares 0 0 1K 0 Masseria Susafa, an ancient Italian farmhouse, has been transformed into a rest and relaxation resort for travelers looking for a rural escape. Photography property of SVADORE In Sicily, smack in the middle of the heart of the countryside, stands Masseria Susafa, a farmhouse built around 1870. Now the estate is […]

Exploring the Golden Beauty of Agrigento: Valley of the Temples

1KShares 0 0 1K 0 If you are in search of history and archaeology while on vacation in Agrigento, Sicily, its magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Valley of the Temples, is the place to go. Photography property of SVADORE People flock to Rome and Athens to see what they believe are some of the […]