Visit Coba Ruins from Tulum: Know Before You Go

236Shares 0 0 236 0 Located in the jungle, unexcavated and with multiple civilizations, Coba Ruins is the non-touristy ruin you need to visit while in Yucatan Mexico. While leaving idyllic Tulum is hard, it is worth it. Pat and I drove to the Coba Ruins. We were told by locals to go to the […]

Villa Marie St. Barth: Everything You Need to Know

771Shares 0 0 771 0 Here are 15 reasons why I recommend Villa Marie St. Barth as your must stay luxury boutique hotel in St. Barts (and yes, I list breakfast as a reason–twice). Patrick and I chose to stay in St. Barts at the luxury boutique hotel Villa Marie St. Barth. Located on top […]

Beaches of St. Barts: Flamands Beach

365Shares 0 0 365 0 The beaches of St. Barts are white and unspoiled by human feet. Almost as if you have it all to yourself. Of these beaches, Flamands Beach is a sprawling Eden. With over 17 beaches on the island of St. Barts, it’s no wonder even after visiting 3 times, I haven’t […]

Why Nardò Should Be Your Homebase When In Puglia

488Shares 0 0 488 0 Nardò is not a highly publicized destination. In fact, most Italians themselves are not familiar with it. But what you miss when you choose not to venture into this unknown and modest village is a diverse and genuine people and way of life that simply cannot be found in the […]

Visit Italy’s Wine Villages: Barolo Wine Region

926Shares 0 0 926 0 Spend a day in the most famous wine village in the Barolo wine region of Langhe. We pulled our convertible Fiat 500 into the parking lot of Hotel and Restaurant Barolo. A simple hotel snuggled between vineyards with balconies and a pool overlooking the castle and village of Barolo perched […]

Connecticut Experience: Oyster Tour at Hummock Island

690Shares 0 0 690 0 The ideal Connecticut experience? Spend an evening sipping wine on a private island in Westport, CT and experience the process of oyster farming directly at the source. For years, Connecticut has been a “secret” haven for fresh seafood and quieter beaches that only the locals frequent, often overlooked by its […]

Why You Can’t Miss Stari Grad When on Hvar

654Shares 0 0 654 0 Whether you’re sleeping in Stari Grad or visiting for an afternoon, you can’t skip this historic village and UNESCO World Heritage Site on Hvar. Tour Stari Grad for colorful fishing villages, lush valleys, local Hvar communities and more. Stari Grad is one of the oldest towns in Europe and the […]

Shop Handmade Italian Shoes at Rose’s Roses in Milano

793Shares 0 0 793 0 Have you dreamed of buying a pair of handmade Italian shoes that live up to the Made In Italy standards? They aren’t easy to find any more, but I know of a place…shop the local atelier Rose’s Roses in Milano. If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own pair of handmade […]

13 Things to Do When Your Social Distancing at Home

84Shares 0 0 84 0 Remember when we were kids and our creativity and imagination had no boundaries? We would entertain ourselves from the simplest things in life. Covid-19 has us going back to these simple ways. Here are 13 things to do when social distancing at home. If like me, you all of a […]

Explore Connemara National Park: Diamond Hill

105Shares 0 0 105 0 Don’t let my thrilling and nail-biting story of my hike up Diamond Hill Trail in Connemara National Park deter you. In peak conditions, the views are breathtaking and a can’t miss in the area as you will see in my article. Connemara in my opinion will appeal most to those […]