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Dining around Greenwich, CT is a scene. In fact, Greenwich is known for it’s restaurant scene. Innovative, famous chef-owned restaurants serving global fare mixed with New England classics have tried to break into the scene. Some have made it, others barely lasted a year. It’s a rough and harsh market, where only the best will stay standing. Those who make it are there for a reason. From nationally acclaimed establishments to cool, budget-friendly hangouts, there’s something for every taste in all 5 of Greenwich, CT’s neighborhoods. Here are 30 of my favorite restaurants, bakeries, bars, pubs, diners and delis where you can eat in Greenwich, CT according to me, Sveva–a local:

Contents: 30 Amazing Places to Eat in Greenwich, CT

  1. Greenwich
  2. Cos Cob
  3. Riverside & Old Greenwich
  4. Byram


1. The Ginger Man

Location: Top of Greenwich Avenue
Price: $15 for starters, $20 – $28 for entrees, $7 beer, $12 wine, $14 cocktail
What to Eat: The Half Chicken

Step inside this two-floor upscale pub for a journey that will take you from a German beer hall to British Pub. Well, it’ll feel like it anyway. It’s been around since 2002 and is a favorite place to eat in Greenwich among locals, which is how it’s managed to stick around on the Avenue for so long. It has a long selection of draft beers and wine and liquor. They’ve won plenty of awards for their pesto mac & cheese, bacon-jam burgers and cocktails, but our favorite go-to is the Half Chicken. It has a little bit of a kick to it though, so beware if you’ve got weak tastebuds. In the winter there’s a roaring fireplace at the backend of the restaurant, in the summer all the windows in the restaurant open up to the Ave so you can peer down at the outdoor seating below. Their seasonal beverages from mulled wine to spiked cider are a can’t miss. Just try and avoid it on holiday like pre-Thanksgiving or Halloween, it can get overly crowded when they bring in the DJ for these special events!

2. Kira or Miku Sushi

Location: Top of Greenwich Avenue
Price: Sushi dinner starting at $37+
What to Eat: Sushi Dinner

There are many options in Greenwich for sushi, and we’ve tried a ton. But the top 2 by far are Kira and Miku. I prefer Kira since it’s been a while for longer, but Miku is up there as well.

3. Douro

Location: Middle of Greenwich Avenue
Price: Paella $18 – $30 depending on time of day
What to Eat: Valencia Paella and the Sangria

When you first step in, you’ll think you’re walking into an old bank vault. The tall ceilings with a skylight and bricks make it feel like the restaurant belongs in a cool neighborhood in Brooklyn, in a good way. Named for the river that flows across northern Portugal toward its outlet at Porto, Douro is a mix of Portuguese and Mediterranean. The meal that takes center stage and that Douro has that no one else offers on the Ave is Paella. It’s offered in four different versions and is very satiating. The serving is plentiful and they don’t skimp out on the fish, meat, and veggies. I always wash it down with a glass of their freshest white or red sangria. We typically end the night with the hot chocolate lava cake or baked custard pastry cups.


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Location: Top of Greenwich Avenue
Price: Coffees or espressos ~$3.75 and sandwiches at $10
What to Eat: Coffees and sandwiches

CFCF has been a local staple since 2012. This small café with cozy seating indoors and al fresco is so popular, it’s opened up not 1, not 2, but 3 locations to eat in Greenwich. That’s more than Starbucks and with good reason. Order from their menu a cup of their authentic special blend coffee made with specially chosen beans from Asia and South America alongside a sweet or savory treat like their delicious Italian sandwiches.

5. Le Penguin

Location: Middle of Greenwich Avenue
Price: Mains ~$45
What to Eat: Escargot, duck or lamb, and tarte tatin

Le Penguin is a beloved French restaurant and the go to French restaurant to eat in Greenwich. Are you in search of a romantic and intimate French restaurant for dinner? Search no further, Le Penguin is here to help. Cached behind a mysterious curtain, the restaurant is shielded from the outside world. Once the server lets you in, the curtain unveils a restaurant filled with ambient lighting and dimly lit candles, white linen tables, and chalk board menu with French classics. The classic escargots are a favorite as a starter. The menu consists of comforting French classics, but I highly recommend you go for either the crispy duck or lamb that is hard to beat. End it right with the soft yet crunchy taste of a tarte tatin, caramelized apple tart alongside a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

6. Elm St Oyster House

Location: Middle of Greenwich Avenue
Price: Pan Fried Oysters $19, Main dishes starting ~$35
What to Eat: Pan fried oysters, grilled salmon, avocado club and seared tuna

Elm Street Oyster House has an inviting atmosphere (think: open bar seating and massive windows for lots of light) and charming outdoor seating overlooking Greenwich Avenue and a romantic and small, intimate dining area. It’s one of the most critically acclaimed seafood restaurants in Connecticut where celebrities like Mariah Carey, Leonardo DiCaprio, and numerous basketball players have visited. What makes Elm Street Oyster House so famous is it’s fresh fish. Every morning, a call is placed to the fish company who goes straight to Hunt’s Point to purchase the seafood right off the boat. It doesn’t get fresher than that.

7. South Bay

Location: Bottom of Greenwich Avenue
Price: Mains $28 – $40
What to Eat: Everything is good and Mediterranean, but go for the party

There are not many places to “party” in Greenwich. It’s a quite, private suburb. If you want a party you go to someone’s home or head over to Stamford or Westchester next door. Unless your South Bay. Starting 11PM on Friday and Saturday, a DJ starts dropping tracks, the disco balls start spinning and strobe lights start coming out. The evening quickly turns from a leisurely dinner to everyone dancing in the middle of the restaurant. The bar attracts quite the crowd. Just remember to bring earbuds, I’m not kidding, the music can get disturbingly loud, but it shouldn’t stop you from having an amazing time! The party goes on till 1AM when the bar closes, and if you’re like me, that’s a VERY reasonable hour to call it quits and go to bed. The party starts even earlier on Thursdays from 10PM – 12AM if you’re looking for a weekday break.

8. Eastend

Location: Bottom of Greenwich Avenue
Price: Main $30 – $40
What to Eat: Everything and anything is good

Next door to South Bay is Eastend. Eastend is a bit more upscale and toned down when it comes to it’s weekly routine. If you’re looking for a luxurious New American dinner with a nice bar selection to blow through till the end of the night, then Eastend is your spot. It’s also the last restaurant on Greenwich Avenue and located right across from the train station making it an easy place to get to.

9. Mediterraneo

Location: Bottom of Greenwich Avenue
Price: Main $30 – $40
What to Eat: Escargot, lamb and apple cake

An upscale, chic restaurant known for it’s Mediterranean food. The restaurant’s open-air seating sits on the bustling Greenwich Avenue in the heart of downtown and features a collection of propane heaters in the winter. In the summer, when the entire bottom of the Avenue is closed off to the outdoor restaurant scene, it becomes the perfect spot for people watching and listening to the weekend headliner play some jams. As for the menu, think a mix of Mediterranean food staples: Amish chicken, kebab, fish, pizza, pasta, Milanese and the list goes on.

10. Grigg’s Street

Location: Bottom of Greenwich Avenue
Price: Pizza starts at $18+ and sandwiches at $12
What to Eat: Pizza, duh! But their sandwiches are pretty narly too

Don’t ask me why we’re obsessed with Grigg Street Pizza, but we are. Ever since they opened up during the pandemic, we’ve been one of their first customers and we show up EVERY – SINGLE – WEEK. It’s a pizza that tastes unlike any pizza we’ve had in the area. It’s has something to do with their mother yeast. Their pizza has no commercial yeast. It’s 100 percent natural leaven. So it’s the dough and the way the pizza sits with you that is just incredible. You can eat at the small pizza parlor tucked off Greenwich Avenue, but we prefer to take our pie home with us. The owners are two best friends born and raised in Greenwich, CT – making this a newer local go to place to eat in Greenwich.

The only problem with Grigg Street Pizza is, they’re so popular — too popular! I guess that’s a good problem to have. So if you want a pizza on a weekend, better call in and place your order by 4PM for a 7:30PM pick-up. If you call any later, you risk them running out of dough for the night. Yes, this has happened to us on multiple occasions when we decide last minute to order pizza.

11. L’Escale

Location: Bottom of Greenwich Avenue, on Steamboat Road
Price: Mains $26 – $44
What to Eat: Chicken Paillard

Oh, L’Escale…The history of this place is quite entertaining. We’ve heard stories told to us by 80 year old locals of what the motel was used for back in the days. That’s a story for another time…today, it’s the only luxury hotel, the Delamar, and waterfront dining restaurant in Greenwich. In the summer, yachts pull up and enjoy lunch either at French restaurant L’Escale or on their boats. It’s fancy, as fancy as Greenwich gets. But the crowd here in the summer is a great time. Even if you’re just looking to order a glass of rose and sit out by the water, people watch, and observe the yachts, L’Escale is the place to eat in Greenwich (and be seen). The custom-designed raw bar located outside on the terrace is also a nice touch, showcasing the latest and freshest oysters, lobsters and other catch of the day.

12. Boxcar Cantina

Location: Old Field Point Road
Price: $20 for 3 soft tacos and $14 for Burrito.
What to Eat: Chicken Paillard

Welcome to the place where the food has just as much character as the atmosphere, laden with string lights, calf skulls, a cowboy hat or two hung around, and pinatas for special occasions. The family-owned business represents Northern New Mexican cuisine, which includes a mix of Native American, Spanish and Anglo-European. The menu here boasts dishes contrived with only high quality local and organic ingredients and sustainable raised organic meats. Everything is farm-to-table and they even list out where they source their local ingredients from.

13. Raphaëls Bakery

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Location: Right off of middle of Greenwich Avenue on Mason Street
Price: Starts at $3.25, but more likely ~$7 per pastry
What to Eat: What you won’t find in any other restaurant or bakery around you – Chouquettes, Napoleon and Canelé

Raphaël’s Bakery is run by a family originally from France. In fact, they are the third generation in their family to make pastries. So we can start the story and end it there. Enough said. Raphaël is probably the closest thing you’ll find to a bakery in France. Everything is made on site with ingredients imported directly from France. It’s the real deal, including Les Moulins de Paris flour and a Bongard oven brought in directly from France.

The standard croissants and brioches are available, as well as baguettes, but my favorites are actually the pastries that you can’t find anywhere else, the one’s that make them more unique from any other bakery around. For me, it’s particularly the Chouquettes, the eclairs, the macarons, Napoleon and canelé of course. Enjoy them with a cup of their coffee, espresso, or cappuccino. Is the price a bit more on the expensive side? Yes, but they’re importing ingredients directly from France to try and give you the most authentic piece of France you will likely find on the East Coast – so keep that in mind. They saved you a plane ticket essentially and gave you an authentic French bakery to eat in Greenwich!


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14. La Fenice

Location: Bottom of Greenwich Avenue
Price: Gelato from $4.75 – $8
What to Eat: Gelato – ovvio

The only place that serves real Italian gelato in Greenwich. Like Raphaël’s Bakery, yes La Fenice is on the expensive side, but it’s the real deal and sources ingredients directly from Italy. The flavors prove it is the real deal. Identical to what you’d find in Italy – yogurt, Stracciatella, and even caffe. Chef Salvatore Scuro keeps the recipe to his gelato so close, he’s never written it down or told anyone about it. Ingredients are sourced from Italy, while the dairy is sourced from nearby local farms. The gelato is made fresh daily in the original Greenwich, CT location, but they’ve expanded 2 other locations to Rye and Westport as well.

15. La Taqueria

Location: Top of Greenwich Avenue
Price: Tacos start at ~$5
What to Eat: Pollo Asado, Carne Asada, Carnitas, Roasted Pork Belly, Wild Mushroom, and Beer Battered Cod tacos – I guess that’s everything right?

The first eatery located at the top of Greenwich Avenue is the authentic Mexican restaurant, La Taqueria, where pops of yellow and colorful string lights accent your experience. Run by owner Dennis, this was another COVID opening that Pat and I have visited almost as much as Grigg’s Street. The menu offers a robust dining experience with tacos that are generously portioned with meat and fish served alongside some of the best margaritas of your life (during COVID they would let us take them home in fun bags with day of the dead skull stickers). They were my savior! Make your way to the outdoor seating area for an enchanting evening with views of the First Presbyterian Church steeple at the top of the Avenue.

Pro tip: Do not skip on the margaritas.

16. Bistrot V

Location: Middle of Greenwich Avenue
Price: Entrees start at ~$25
What to Eat: Chicken Paillard or French Toast or Omelets

Bistro V is pretty much a Greenwich staple. It was previously called Versailles, before it got moved further down the Avenue and got a “facelift” which led to it being renamed Bistro V. It opened in 1990 and has been serving it’s infamous brunches and lunches ever since. The location is smack dab in the middle of Greenwich Avenue. It’s outfitted with chic bistro seating, champagne bottles as chandeliers, and outdoor seating for those summer days. Savor views, live music, and brunch at this Greenwich staple.

17. Doppio/Paesano’s

Location: Right off middle of Greenwich Avenue on East Elm Street
Pizzas from $18 – $25
What to Eat: Pizza

Sveva, why is there another pizza spot on this list? Well folks, this isn’t my first and it won’t be my last. As you know, being Italian, I am very particular about my pizzas. And as we all may or may not know, pizzas come in different forms and all cannot be judged the same. There is your personal sized Italian pizza and then there is your more American style pie. They are two separate products and two separate pizzas in my opinion, both with their own characteristics. We could open it up to grandmas pizza, deep dish, thin crust etc. But for my purposes, I’m keeping it simple. Doppio is the go to for that real Italian style pizza. And trust me, e’ buono!


18. Il Pastaficio

Location: Mill Pond Center
Price: Cannoli $7, fresh pasta starting at $8 per pound and lasagne at $32 for 2 people
What to Eat: Pasta, Pasta with sauce, Focaccia, Lasagna, Cannoli

Say ciao to Il Pastaficio, translated to the Pasta Store, where pasta is made fresh daily from scratch by chef Federico Perandin who hails straight out of Padova, Italy and his team. The emphasis here is on simplistic, approachable Italian cuisine, with dishes that mimic those you might eat in Italy. And as an Italian, if I’m recommending an Italian spot to eat in Greenwich, it means it’s legit. All the flour is 00 straight from Italy and so are the ingredients, organic and without preservatives, and you will notice as soon as you eat here. Digesting the food and pasta is super easy, everything is lightweight. The restaurant only has 2 small tables inside so is more of a grab-and-go spot.

19. Little Pub

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Location: East Putnam Avenue
Price: Burger ~$16
What to Eat: Burger

Welcome to Little Pub where the atmosphere is convivial and the food is lowkey and casual. American cuisine is the highlight here, with items like their burgers taking center stage. They have an outdoor patio, but I prefer dining inside. When you step inside, you feel like you’ve walked onto a Harry Potter set with its fireplaces, fake candle lit ceiling lights, high ceilings, wood beams, and pub-like décor. The beer list goes on for days and the food is pub-centric. Arrive ravenous.

20. Greenwich Cheese & Co.

Location: East Putnam Avenue
Price: Orphan cheeses starting as low as $1.80
What to Eat: Orphan cheeses, fig spreads, sandwiches

Not so much place to eat in Greenwich as this is a Cheese shop. But you could have a full meal just from this one place. Greenwich Cheese & Co. is like the Willy Wonka’s candy store of cheese. It’s filled with everything you need for the perfect cheese plate, and let’s not forget accompaniments like prosciutto, salami, crackers, and baguettes or fondue pots and apparel as well as artisanal chocolates. The store is filled with 100 cheeses at any time – half from Europe and half from the US. It ranges from standard cheddars to Alpine classics to space cheese (what?). Still not enough? They also have cheesemaking and wine-pairing classes as well as international trips you can join them along to uncover the world of all things cheese.

My favorite way to taste new cheeses is by heading straight for the “orphan cheeses.” Orphan cheeses are small cheese pieces that are leftover cuts from larger cheeses that are not wanted and stored in an orphan basket in the fridge. They are super affordable and tiny, making it a great way for you to buy a handful of different cheeses you would’ve never have tried before and take them home. Don’t forget to buy some of their fig spread to accompany it. If you’re hungry for lunch, their prosciutto, cheese and spread sandwiches on a baguette are delicious as well.

21. Fjord Fish Market

Location: East Putnam Avenue
Price: Fish prices vary ~$20 – $30 per pound, Lulu’s pie $29
What to Eat: Crab cakes, salmon, key lime pie

This high-quality fish market has a colorful array of whole fish, fillets, oysters, mussels, clams, lobsters, and more which can be found fanned out over ice in an abundant display. Dedicated to sourcing premium, responsibly-sourced seafood is their specialty. When shopping here, you will always know exactly where your food comes from. Fjord Fish Market has become an indispensable resource for Greenwich’s chefs and home cooks—plus, its convenient location makes it super easy to pick up a quick dinner. Always eat the fish fresh that night, the taste is unlike anything you’ve ever eaten in a restaurant.

All of their fish is good, but all locals rave about their specially made crab cakes. And if you’re lucky, grab a Lulu’s pie. They are expensive, but incredible…my personal fave is the key lime pie, but I’ve heard amazing things about the chocolate pecan one as well. She wakes up and bakes them every morning from her own home before delivering them to each shop. Fjord is one of the lucky ones! I’ve also heard that their lobster rolls are one of the best in town, but I haven’t tried them yet.


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22. Joey B’s

Location: East Putnam Avenue
Price: Hit Dogs start at ~$5.50
What to Eat: Hot Dogs

Joey B’s opened in 2008 with a laid-back diner atmosphere and a robust breakfast and lunch menu. The diner, situated on East Putnam Avenue, offers a variety of hot dogs, but they’re chili is the real star of the show.

23. Roost Kitchen + Coffee

Location: Across from Mill Pond Center
Price: Egg sandwiches start at ~$5, Cold brew at
What to Eat: Roost English Muffin Sandwich

Situated on East Putnam Avenue is this casual, trendy take-out spot where ingredients are sourced locally and made from scratch. Started by Greenwich born and raised Mike Pietrafeso, he owns not one, but two of my favorite breakfast spots in Greenwich. At Roost, you can always count on the tried and true staples: egg sandwiches, breakfast burritos, breakfast bowls, and pastries alongside more eclectic offerings like Korean cheesesteak or Jerk chicken BLT. Don’t skip out on a cup of their signature Kestrel Coffee Roasters. I love their iced coffee here and always grab it with an egg sandwich. The Roost English muffins are made from scratch in-store every morning. I don’t know what they do to them, but they are incredible.

24. Pizza Post

Location: Indian Field Plaza
Price: Pizzas start at ~$11 for small
What to Eat: Pizza

A family business that’s been around for ~50 years, every dish is made from scratch from family recipes passed down through generations. Pizza Post is a chewy, soft yet crispy thin crust pizza pie.

25. Gofer

Location: Indian Field Plaza or East Putnam Road in Cos Cob
Price: Ice cream start at ~$4.50
What to Eat: Soft serve

The portions are hefty, the flavors are numerous, the cone options are plenty, and there is even an option for soft serve (my favorite). They only use premium local, small batch vendors for their ice cream. It’s always packed, summer and winter.


26. Upper Crust Bagel Company

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Location: Sound Beach Avenue
Price: Bagels start at $3.50
What to Eat: English muffin bagel

Upper Crust is famed for its soft, airy bagels with a crisp exterior. The family owned business attributes this to its skilled workers who make bagels by hand every day and keeping everything — from the ingredients (zero additives or preservatives), to the kettle, to the oven, to the baking techniques — the same as they were when the shop first opened in 1994. With 18 flavors to choose from, it’s perfect place to stop for breakfast and lunch on the way to Tod’s Point Beach.

27. Ada’s Kitchen + Coffee

Location: Riverside Avenue
Price: Egg sandwich start at ~$5 and overnight oats at $5
What to Eat: Ada’s English muffin sandwich and overnight oats

I raved about Roost in Cos Cob, but this is the OG location that started it all. It’s got some of the same classics, but with different names. The difference between this location and Roost is that Ada used to be run by an old lady as a candy store. After she passed, the new owners took it under their wing and restored the house from the 1800s to it’s original beauty. They reframed it as a Kitchen + Coffee, but the old world charm still exists in the architecture. A small tribute is still paid to Ada. There is an candy corner with an assortment of favorite candies for people to reminiscence on or discover.

28. Old Greenwich Butcher Shop

Location: Sound Beach Avenue
Price: Meat prices vary
What to Eat: Skirt steak, Piemonte steak, Lamb…all of it

Old Greenwich Butcher Shop serves the highest quality prime meats. They sell everything from lamb chops to wagyu beef, Piemonte steak, skirt steaks, flank steaks, chicken breasts and so on. However, you’d be amiss not to try any of their house-made sandwiches for lunch. Or better yet, sign up for one of their butcher classes offered to the local community.


29. Little Thai Kitchen

Location: St. Roch Avenue
Price: $17 Entrees
What to Eat: Vegetable spring rolls, Penang curry

If the New York Times went out of it’s way to write about this place and this specific location to eat in Greenwich, CT, then you know it’s good. As NYT put it: In an era when Thai dishes are often absorbed into fusion and pan-Asian menus, it is refreshing to find stand-alone authenticity. Enough said.

30. Rosina’s

Location: Mill Street
Price: $17 Entrees
What to Eat: Cacio e Pepe, focaccia, octopus and potatoes, warm bomboloni or olive oil cake

Located on Byram’s main street, this affordable yet indulgent Italian restaurant is a classic take on Italian dining. It specializes in Italian cuisine and has a charming outdoor patio amplifying the restaurants indoor dining scene.

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